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Jan 12, 2003
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Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain
Does anyone else get 'bugged' when they see a new member has joined
the sacred secret site of nail technology --- you go to see who they are and where they come from (cause it is interesting to know isn't it?) only to find NO information at all?

Why is this I wonder?
We are a friendly helpful bunch.
We are not scarey are we?
I bet you all enjoy reading OUR histories!!

Don't be shy!
Maybe any who read this message will be prompted to tell us a little bit more about themselves in the history section ... Because you are interesting to us!!

Go on ... fill it in!

What do you say all you other girls and boys?
LOL so agree Geeg!! Its (sorry to say) annoying when there's no information on fellow geeks!

C'mon people, get typing!! Where yah from?! Whats your story, age and shoe size?!

Lol ;) :D

i totally agree it would be nice to know a little more about those members like hey we might live in the same area and we are soooooo friendly

come on tell us more about yourselves
Yes I agree too....................
It would be nice to know a little bit about our members............
doesn't have to be your life story, but general info would be nice,
So come on all you storyless people, fill it in......................
Also I love the Avatars, but some havn't got any lol
So it's not just storyless but also faceless people.................

Love Ruth xxxx
the problem with this unexplained shyness isnt isolated to this site. has anyone logged onto friends reunited recently? i can only assume that people feel that they havnt achieved enough that would be of any interest to the rest of us. as someo :D ne who has been in this industry for 20yrs, i am always interested in what everyone has 2 say, whether theyve been around long enough 2 remember things like Turbo! or, like my students, are full of new enthusiasm. :D
I agree, I often look up someones profile before replying - there is nothing worse than giving a UK based reply to someone who lives in US, Spain, Australia etc.

Country of origin would be a start, name also would be useful (I think). I like to use peoples names rather than "handles" LOL.

As has already been said it is not specific to here - the Yahoo profiles are the same - you often dont even know if the person you are talking to is male or female LOL - doesnt matter that much but some replies may be more appropriate to one or the other. (hope that makes sense)
well seeing as you asked so nicely Geeg..I have updated my profile!

in answer to some of your questions...
I love to read others stories...
yes you are all very helpful...
yes sometimes people are a bit scary, because I fell like you're all so knowlegable and I want to be as good as you...
the members list since day one!! :rolleyes: I LOVE to know a little bit about everyone... although I started to get a little concerned the other week when I kept finding Russian web sites and bizarre :rolleyes: :huh: to say the least Profile Names :?: :?: Anyway - Geek has taken care of those shannanigans!! But yes Newbies - tell us more - we are so nosey!!! :tongue: :ack:
lordy dordy, I must be uncommonly un-curious then, because it's never occurred to me to look at anyone's profile - or to fill in my own! Having been prodded in the right direction though, I dutifully filled it in. But after clicking submit I went back to check it was there - and alas and alack! There wasn't enough space to take what I'd written!

So now you're all never going to know what my biggest passion is....

Ali :sunny:
I guess this being the internet and all im so used to not doing that kind of thing online, and because i thought it would be kind of boring :D

But my profile is now filled out and you can all see for yourselves how boring i really am :D

Kerrie :)
Well, there I am all up dated. Fell free to read about me! Well done Geeg, you've got everybody updating their profiles now! :D

Now all you other 300 or so ... get cracking and give us a little info!

No one who does nails can possibly be boring!

At the very least it is nice to know where y'all live!! That's not asking too much it it?
i went back to my profile to add a bit more!!!lol :rolleyes: but when i checked it afterwards, there wasnt enough space for what i wanted to say, :shock: so would it be possible to make it a bit bigger??? Then we can really get to know each other! :D

Nicolajane x
I've done mine as well now!!!

Best wishes Linda.x
Mines not very interesting :? but it has been there from day 1! :D
I have had my profile from day one and although I wouldn`t say I was particularly boring, my profile looks like I am.
It is nice to know at least someones name when you chat to them, whether they`re drinkers or not too so you can have a cuppa or even something stronger with them, lol
I can see us all now, checking profiles as well as posts every day.
We`ll soon know who`s who

I've been a member for a while but never posted before (been lurking in the background :D )
Anyway I have now added to my profile for all to see and hopefully will now post a bit more often.

Hi shar,
So good to see your first post. I hope we hear lots form you now and any questions ... we'd be more than happy to help.
We have had about 30-40 new members join since I posted this so just to encourage you to fill in all your stats I'm bumping this topic up again.

Let us know where you are from even if you feel you don't have a history that is worth sharing - but adding some history would be even better :D
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