Micro loops breaking off rings


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Nov 30, 2015
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has anyone else had this problem.. I ordered some micro loops from SJK in Feb & fitted them on my client. I was surprised they had 2 rings on as Iv only ever seen them with a single ring. I emailed them & they said it was to make them more secure. Well they were a pig to fit, I could hardly get any hair through and had blisters on my fingers from pulling the loops. But they looked good when finished & client happy. Went last week for 6 week maintenance appointment to push the rings up & it was a nightmare! A lot of the bonds broke off the rings so she lost around 1/4 of her extensions & A lot I had to leave because they wouldn't push up without breaking. She is now complaining & wants a refund or new extensions as she has has micro loops a few times before that have lasted 3-4 months.
Avoid sjk. Sorry you've had your fingers burnt by them but lesson learnt.

If you use the search bar you'll find multiple threads about how terrible sjk are!
I never use micro loops as they not really for professional use, I always use new ring when reposition.
Oh dear not another SJK thread!

First off you shouldn't be "pushing up" rings at maintenance. If rings/strands need to be replaced then you need to use a new ring to fit. In your case a new strand.

Maintenance is to replace any lost strands and to remove any matting(if any). You are basically going a full refit if you are pushing up each strand.

I've never trained in loops but I have always been warned against them. I only use tips/rings for a more professional fit.

I would contact SJK but I wouldn't expect to get any resolution from the threads that pop up on here about them.

You will need to purchase new hair for the client and refit till SJK resolve it for you. Don't offer refunds. The hair has been in 6 weeks and you fitted them fine I presume. It's just the hair that's the issue.

Have you contacted them yet to see what they say?

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