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May 21, 2010
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The North. UK
I am doing a minx training course tomorrow ( can't wait) and although I am looking forward to adding this new treatment to my price list I am at a loss as to what to charge. This is because a local sunbed shop (which happens to be on the same block as me) is advertising minx on toes for £20.00. Not sure what to do as I don't want to undercharge or overcharge, and I really didn't want to match their price?:confused:
What do you think? Thanx in advance:)
You could just advertise that your "now offering MINX". Put that service on 'Sale' for say the month of August or even do a"book now and save" and everyone that books this week gets their first MINX 1/2 price. You don't really need to advertise a price as such, just sell your service and get them into your salon.

I have a tanning/nail salon and my competition is almost right across the street. It's only a gym with tanning but I know what it's like to always be under cut
Thanx for the help. You have given me a couple of things to think about there.
Maybe you could also add another service onto that? Like... book an app for this month and get a free heel peel or something... whatever you can do quite quickly and easily.

I never like to lower my price, cause then I'm just making it harder for myself ya know?
Me too! I never discount my price (HALF price??? is someone nuts?? :lol:) but will offer a free Solar Oil or service-extra to give added value.

We are professionals ... my advice is not to get into a bazaar mentality. It send out all the wrong signals in my opinion. I am never worth less on one day than on another and I never offer discounts like some cheap goods store. Never even use the word Discount as I hate it and think it is cheap and nasty. There are other ways to offer value to your clients rather than annihilating your prices and making your work harder. It costs you allot less to give a free gift or to add a service-extra too, and yet the client perceives it as worth much more.

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