MMA soak-off ... advice please!


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Jan 12, 2003
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I have a client with a sister who has been using the local NSS. She's been going there since September and they have been charging her forty-quid for infils with airbrushing over!The airbrushing is supposed to look stunning with loads of rhinestones etc.
The problem however seems to be that with each infil there has been no buffing down and the nails are looking thicker with each fill. I asked if she was sure of this as it sounds quite ridiculous but, she said her sister told her that they 'just place product at the back then brush it down toward the free-edge', then get on with the air-brushing.
She tried another salon that had opened closer to her and they took one look and said 'You had those done at **** sorry, we dont use the same kind of products ;)
She said some of the nails have 'yellow/brown' bits :shock: I told my client that it sounds like the nails could do with soaking off to see whats going on underneath and she asked me if I would do it for her. I have already discussed MMA with her and told her that they 'probably' are MMA and I have never come across them personally so am unsure how to deal with them. I told her I would check with my superiors ;)
I have read some of the horror stories about these kind of nails and dont know whether to leave well alone or try and help this girls sister.
What would you do?
Sorry this has been a long-winded one :rolleyes:
Hi Gloria

You could be caught between a rock and a hard place depending on the lady in question. If you take her nails off and she has horrendous troubles underneath and you say you could not possibly put on a new set - how will she feel. That I guess is worst case scenario.

I have soaked off MMA nails - it took about an hour and a half of soaking, then I did a manicure and the client came back a couple of days later and had a new set put on. She was very appreciative that I had "saved" her nails. She could see for herself the damage caused by inappropriate filing etc and at each rebalance appointment could see these marks growing up the nail and no new ones appearing LOL.

I guess at the end of the day it depends on the client - try and speak with her directly without going through a third party as things can get distorted.

Good luck and let us know what happens.
Hi Glo!

My experience of a MMA soak off is not unlike Fiona's. :rolleyes: :pale:

It took a long least an hour and a half. There was quite an unpleasant fishy smell from them. However with perserverance the overlay was removed and I did a thorough nutritive manicure following the removal.
I explained to my client that it would be far better to apply enhancements a few days later and I have to say that she too was rather pleased that she waited!

Good Luck Babe!
and do keep us posted with how you get on!

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