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I can always tell if it is MMA as soon as i start filing it. It has a sick, sweet smell. :pale: I immediently tell the client my suspicions and offer to soak it off. Most are horrified when I tell them what has been used on their nails and that is has potential harmful side effects if it is continued to be used. After I put on a new set I send them home with a handful of MMA material to read. :study:
I know we can't change things in the nail world overnight, so I try to do it one client at a time!


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Jan 21, 2003
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Exactly how could you find out if a salon is using MMA?

(You couldn't exactly go in with a small bottle and ask for a sample...........hmmm or could you? :twisted: )

actually, OPI, has some kind of kit, that does detect MMA. But, I am sure you can't as a lay person, can't get the sample. You can tell pretty much by the smell :pukeoff: its clear in colour, and it is super cheap. Here in US
if a set is under $ can bet its MMA. Also only that I know of, only NSS use it. You know your client has it on by it being so hard that it will not file off, or soak off. That stuff in the dickins to get off.
Barb :silly:
here is a site that is great to hand out to your clients, it has some info you may find useful in determining MMA
We (Faye and myself) go to the suspect Salon and ask them outright.
We tell them that we have an allergie to MMA and are they using it?????
Most Salons dont know what we are talking about (Chinese or Korean mostly). So we ask them could they check their lables on the bottles, guess what, no lables , blank bottles........................
So we then ask them where they buy the monomer from???? Most used answer is, "we import our stock direct from the states", so we say great so you should be able to check your msds sheet then to see if it contains mma!!!!!
So after all that we still dont get an answer, but they have answered it without knowing.............most likley it's mma or they dont care as long as the money comes in.
This is a NO GO SALON for us !!!!!!!!!!! for some piccies articles mma stuff

Love Ruth xxx
Thanks Ruth. Don't know that I've got the bottle to do that though! lol. There's a salon not far from me that I suspect uses it but I don't know for sure. All the signs are there :-(
Take Ruthy's advice...she's like the MMA Detective ;-)

Yikes! I just read the beautytech info! :shock: I wondered how some places managed to be so cheap!

Is it just the monomer that would contain MMA? What does MMA stand for and what is the better alternative?

Sorry for all the question, but my next course doesn't start til next week and I don't want to wait that long to find out! I'm going to check all my products now...

Ooo, so much to learn! :ack:


Methyl Methacrylate Acrylic is the correct word for it..............
it is only the monomer we have concerns about, not the Avcrylic Powder.
Ethyl Methacrylate Acrylic is the the monomer you want to use, it's the Nail Acrylic Monomer not the Dental Acrylic Monomer.
Hope this helps
good luck
on your course Karen

Love Ruth xxxx
Oops - got my answers from another page on the beautytech site -

Methyl methacrylate (MMA), but what is EMA???

EMA = Ethyl Methacrylate Acrylic

This is the one you should use...not MMA!

Ethyl Methacrylate Acrylic is the the monomer you want to use, it's the Nail Acrylic Monomer not the Dental Acrylic Monomer
this is the right stuff
Love Ruth
Thanks for all your replies.

Just got back from holiday and panicked when I read that beautytech article!!!

Who would want to use that stuff???

Karen said:
Who would want to use that stuff???Kx

Anyone who doesn't care about their clients - only in the money they will make from doing shoddy work on the cheap!!!! :cus:
Well the main users in the UK are the Chinese and Korean run Salons. :oops:
They bulk buy from the States, put it into blank containers at their workstation, some are even more cheeky and these are the dangerous ones, they will use old Creative bottles, EZflow bottles, or any other bottle with a recognised brand name. :twisted:
These Salon know about MMA but deliberately hide the fact, or why else use say for instance a creative container, but have MMA in it.... :evil: ...........

Then that leads us to qualifications.. :study: .. if the products they use are naff, are the qualifications too??? One shop told me when I asked about their qualifications, that they had trained in the states.............. so I said what all 8 girls?? :huh: ?? (8 girls in salon working), so they looked at me as if I was mad lol............... So again I said great all states trained, but did they pass the state board or pass at all? :thumbsup: ?? and if they did surley they must all have their states licences then or any other certificate, and even if they are not from this country, why havn't they got them displayed ? :rolleyes: ??
Or are all 8 girls working from one Certificate???????? the mind boggles!!! :rolleyes: !!!!
And if they are inhouse trained fine, as long as the trainer is a great Nail Tech and is dedicated to educating the staff. :thumbsup:
Anyway could write about this subject for ever lol but I wont... :king: ..

Love Ruth :flower:
Can I print off a copy of your MMA musings? It would be really useful to give to clients to read.

Peppercorn Nails said:
Can I print off a copy of your MMA musings? It would be really useful to give to clients to read.

THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE THERE FOR DELLIE (oops sorry, not shouting) Mr Geek wouldn't mind at all!! :)
Thanks, you're a doll :flower:

Dizzy Dellie
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