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Sep 16, 2007
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I have tried to do a search for this question, but haven't managed to find the answer, so I was wondering if anyone could advise please?

If you are a mobile nail tech through and through, but a client phones up with one chipped or mysteriously 'Pinged off' nail and they're desperate for a quick fix, would you consider inviting them to pop round to you at home rather than loading your car up with all your equipment just for that? I guess the answer, in legal/insurance terms should be no, but it does seem like a lot of faffing about and inconvenience for one small job. :irked:

Maybe I've answered my own question, but just wondered if it was remotely acceptable?
I think it would depend on who it was and how well i knew them!! not sure it would have an impact on your insurance as it covers you every where including your own home i would think!!
I think really you have to have a minimum call out charge....say £10 ... this way they have a few with it till there next appointment...look after them better.....or pay £10 to have it repaired at there home.

There is no way i would pack all my stuff up and go to someones house, unpack, set up, repair the nail, pack up again, go home...for £3 !!
I am covered on insurance rather than where i work so i presume ( maybe wrongly? ) that working at home is ok.

In the case you are talking of i would invite them to yours for just one nail or would have to charge a call out charge of say £8-10 to cover your time etc


jane xxx
I would either charge a minimum call out or would tag her onto the end of another client appointment, but no way am I going out only to do a £3 job on anyone!

That said I do have a seperate nail studio set up at home too, and therefore I would give them the option of coming to me...but if I didn't have that studio set up, I wouldn't. Its my home and I like to keep work and home seperate.
It would depend on the client, also depend on the client's location. If the client was local and you know them I would suggest that they pop in to your home for the quick repair. My clients appreciate this as they hate walking around with a stumpy finger. Or if you go out them advise them that a minimum call-out fee will be applied of $10-$15 plus repair costs.
i would tell them to come to me , i did it once for a repair and it was a waste of time for £3:lol:

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