Mobile phone techies help meeee!!

I really didn't like my Blackberry so I just got a Nokia 5800 touch phone. I'm loving everything about it so far - except that I can't seem to get onto Salon Geek with it:eek: I can see other websites that I've tried, but Salon Geek just shows a blank white screen.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? Must be something simple but I'm simpler so don't know how!


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Sorry I can't help as I've never used that phone, but if I couldn't geek on my phone I'd get rid of it.

I'm sure it's something simple though. The mobile geek is very user friendly.
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I have the Nokia 5800 and salongeek is fine for me on it. I sometimes get teh internet up then it wont let me go on any sites at all. It says 'sever denied access'.

hello. when i first had my mobile that same as u. i had to ring my provider orange to have the bar taken off as they classes te forum as over 18 once this happened it worked fine.