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May 12, 2003
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I am having problems with this Enamel and I was just wondering if anybody else is experiencing the same problems?

I adore the colour and it looks okay kind of when I paint it onto acrylic nails, but there have been quite a few cases now where I have used it on a customer and it has appeared oily and streaky. One lady called up to say that the enamel hadn't dryed properly at all, and it looked as though it had air bubbles in it. :?

Now, I know you're probably thinking that I haven't cleaned the nail properly or removed any excess oil but I have made certain I do this every time, and I haven't experienced any problems with any other colours.
Well Hun maybe try this..........
after oiling the nail, scrubfresh just to make sure all the oil has gone from the nail plate...............
Then base coat it, stickey will be fine and then paint it with the varnish, top coat with speedy or out the door.................
dont use FAZE2 because the varnish will not set under this and will leave it soft...................

just thought
love Ruth xxxxxx
Hi there. errr, I don't know whether this nail enamel is a problem but I find that after it dries within a day or so its flaking off not just at the sides but in the centre of the nail. I made sure the nail was dry and used scrubfresh too! Could be coincidence of course. Also as I haven't tried too many of the other enamels yet as I've only just got them its difficult to know if its a problem with this enamel or my nails!!

i use this polish every single day and i have not had a problem with it at all i use it on myself as well as my clients :D
I don't have a problem with it on acrylic nails, but I do when I paint it on the actual nail plate.
Why not just bring the bottle into the One Stop Nail Shop the next time you come? We will test it and exchange it for you if for some strange reason it is not performing correctly.

Moonlight and Roses is a very popular colour and it is somewhat weird that this is happening to you but ... sometimes weird things happen!!

We only want you to have top quality Creative products so we will be happy to exchange it. Just speak to Denise or David.
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