more flared nails


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Jul 11, 2004
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wow,that should get them noticed.gorgeous colours:)
I'm sorry if i sound ignorant,but i just don't get these

Do clients actually request them ?

Do they find them pleasing to the eye ?
They look ok but not my cup of tea. They dont look finished. do you really get people asking you for these?. Maybe its a new trend starting in america, it hasn't reached here yet thank god.
be no good for putting tights on would they...:lol:...

lovely job hun...just not my personal taste
Your smiles are lovely :Love: but the free edge shape is everything I was told not to do, I still constantly remind myself "bring in the side walls, we don't want egyptian hats"!!

But hey, if you like them that's all that matters right! Maybe you'll start a new trend and all our clients will be asking for them! :lol:
not my cup of tea either but there are places in the US where these are more popular than a straight nail people want them more fanned and more room for nail art.

The nails look beautiful hun even if im not fond of the shape
I dont mean to offend and im sorry if i do but looking at these actually makes me feel sick. They make the whole had look malformed in some way.
I dont know what it is about them but i shudder when i look at them lol
they aint for me but i do think you done fab with them...well done xx
well done, they look really good!!
I wish I could say I liked them as its obvious you are a talented nail tech... but sorry these are just not my cup of char!

Lovely colour and smile though :)

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