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Mar 2, 2004
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Leeds, West Yorks
Can anyone tell me if MTW is easier to use rather than the white powder?? Haven't had chance to use it yet but can't wait to....

Thanks in advance
Well it is just like applying a french manicure with enamel!!

If you find that easy to do then MTW will be a cinch. The nicest aspect is you have time to 'clean up' the smile line to perfection before you go on to overlay it with product. The results are very impressive andvif you are finding using white powder too difficult, then MTW is a great alternative for you.

There is no sin you know in not being able to do great white tips using powder. Not everyone can do it ... so MTW is a wonderful 'other choice' for you.

Let me know if you need help.
geeg said:
The nicest aspect is you have time to 'clean up' the smile line to perfection before you go on to overlay it with product. .
How is the clean up done is it the same as the clean up for the White Gel paint in Brisa i.e. a small bit of scrub fresh on the tip of the gel brush
Thanks Geeg. AND I know I should wait until I buy it tomorrow from the OSNS to try it but I just can't wait!! Do you have to use the brush that comes with it? (I was told it's very similar to tippex!). I really hope it's as good as I have visions smile lines with powder never smile!!!!!:|
tried MTW and i thought it was ok...bit TOO white (and tipex like) for my own personal taste tho so it's liquid and powder for me :) nail fresh on a firm brush works great for any tidying up to give ultra crisp smile lines :)
Hey as Geeg says this is a god send to anyone who has difficulty with using the white L&P to get smile lines.

i love it, it's so versatile, you can use it with your L&p, your Fibreglass as well, in fact i did a client with it las night with a full set of fibreglass and she was really pleased with the result.

I do still practise my smiles with L&P but its great to use MTW especially if you are having a bad day with your application. Lets face it we all have them.

I'm glad Geeg you said it was not "cheating" to use it, i suppose i felt like i was as its so much easier, as you say like nail varnish to apply. I would say it is better to apply thinly so two thin coats rather than one thick coat.

Absolutely great product.
Hi Lindag...I'm sure you can clean your smile line with a brush dipped in Nail Fresh (not scrubfresh). You'll need a brush just for doing this though.

Wonder what the setting time for MTW is though. I might need a good few minutes to clean the smile before overlaying.
Also just a quickie to say, yes its very white but i love it because i do black stripes over mine which look really effective as the white really shows through. But yes its as it says, More than white.
You must leave it for 2 minutes, then its dry and you can apply your overlay without smudges, and also your sanitize spray won't effect it either once left for 2 minutes. I have experimented with it so know first hand.
So I guess you have 2 minutes to play with the smile line??
wonder if they have any plans to bring out a 'slightly creamier more than white'?LOL :lol:
Yep I use a gel brush diped in nail fresh then dab on tissue to clean up my smile line with MTW works brill I also use this method if I need to clean up around the side walls and cuticle area when painting.

Take care Dawnie xx
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