more vodka 4 me yipee!!!


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Jul 19, 2004
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apologies if this thread is already posted, my p.c decided 2 turn itself off halfway through, (as it does,) as i was saying my husband has taken my children away 2 a campsite 4 the weekend ( i dont do camping, i do laying round a pool 4 2 weeks in spain!!), i thought 2 myself , i will have a bit of ME time, so, i went 2 the gym this morning where i haven't been 4 3 weeks cos the kids r off and have't had the time (and have taken all my holiday and leiu owing) the only thing i pulled was a muscle, went to the cimema, i went by myself 2 see stepford wives, (dont judge me i have friends) it was a v.v, good film not very long, i had the biggest bag of popcorn and the biggest diet coke in the world, then i came home and had lots of vodka, (does that counteract the diet??) and i am watching MTV feeling like a rebel cos its 1.00 am, i am half asleep and wondering at what point did i get too old that i am falling asleep at 1.00am sorry bout the woe is me, but i am only 24 ahem!!!
That sounds like me, except that i go to sleep at 11pm. Very sad i know but then i'm abit older than you. I have a little 3 yr old daughter so i know what its like to have "me" time.

My hubby sometimes has her for the day so i can just do what i like for a change. Its funny when you get to watch on TV what you want without having to think can she see this. Or without having to sit through "Blues Clues" god i hate that program!!!

Anyway, glad you had a good kid free evening, heres to a few more accasionally.
don't worry, im 21 but feel much much older at times, i told my neice to turn her music down today! gone are the days where i believed the neighbours were lucky to hear my loud, and normally quite rude, music!

don't worry about drinking the vodka, hardley any cal's, even less in a g&(s-l)T. its the popcorn u gotta worry bout!

Says me stuffing my face with haribo kiddie's supermix. I wanna c stepford wifes looks interesting, is it ne good?
i thought that popcorn was fat free! oops, and i scoffed awhole sainsburys family bag! oh well 200 more sit ups for me, stepford wives was a very funny film but was actually quite sad at the end, (not sad enough 4 tissues) just an aaaaahhhhh sad. i wouldnt normally watch nicole kidman but she was quite good, (check out everyones nails, they could be better for supposedley perfect women) the moral behind the story is we are all perfect warts and all. yeah right and we all dont have to look perfect to be loved!! aaahhhhh, who are they trying to kid lol
whatabeauty said:
i thought that popcorn was fat free! oops, and i scoffed awhole sainsburys family bag! oh well 200 more sit ups for me,
sorry really must take my gym instructor hat off when im on the geek!

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