More ways to promote your business

If you like reading then a good book for Digital (Web/Mobile) Marketing is "The Platform Revolution". It has given us some fairly strong ways to bring both buyers and sellers to our iPhone beauty marketplace app, but it will help you understand how the workings of social media is "working" you so you can also avoid the pitfalls of spending unnecessarily which is always the hard thing to avoid.

Another form of marketing is called growth hacking and a good book called "Growth Hacker" by Ryan Holiday, who also has some good Youtube videos on the topic. He covers lots of email marketing type advice etc, but what he's very good at explaining is referral marketing and thats the big growth success story.


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Thought it was time for a thread bump as we’re about to start a new school year.


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I don`t know anything about instagram I only use facebook, But someone told my husband theres an app that posts to facebook, intragram and twitter at the same time, so no need to do it 3 t imes, anyone know what it is?
Beckybee, I am using Hootsuite to schedule multiple updates, track mentions and user comments on my social media accounts. They also have a free plan, but it's limited to 3 social profiles and 30 scheduled messages.

However, I recommend you to automate your social media management with caution and dedicate yourself on live-streaming (via Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, or IGTV) and focus on responding to clients' and prospective customers' online reviews and comments in a timely manner.


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Cold emailing/calling will quickly lead to burnout and few results. My partner and I were trying everything: flyers, bigger sign on the major road, car magnets, networking, discounts, refer-a-friend program, and introducing ourselves to other businesses asking for referrals....lots of busy work and no results.

We decided to experiment with Facebook Ads, and almost doubled our clients from 21 customers to 38 in one month! We advertised for only 8 months, never spent more than $200/month and grew her customer base to 150 clients within 10 months. We haven't spent $1 on advertising since then and she's turning away customers.

Here's what I learned from this experience:
1. Specialize - the beauty industry is terrible a niching. So, if you specialize, you don't compete against other salons. You become known as the expert. I recommend reading "The one-page marketing plan." Quick read, super powerful that explains this better than I can.
2. Setup of a basic website with online booking software. Put a big button on the left or right of every page.
3. Turn on Facebook Ads. Facebook allows you to target VERY specific audiences. For example, you can choose to show your ad to only those who live within a 10-mile radius of your salon, who are female, between the ages of 20 and 50. My partner and I were paying $5 to $10 to get a new client!!
4. Experiment. Change the image...change the wording...until you find something that works. Then do it over and over and over.


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Just wanted to say what a great help this is, not only for new starters but for the ones that want to go on a new marketing campaign.



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Great idea