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Discussion in 'Business' started by Lynne Baker, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Vikasgupta112
    If you promote your business i think you can use social media sites such as facebook and twitter this is the best way to promote business.
  2. Nadia Majid
    what is google ad words? i couldn't understand it.... ive just taken on a room in a gym and its dead... contemplating working from home as i cant afford the rent ..
  3. Nadia Majid
    great idea... how would i set up a business in profile .. tried a few times but facebook wouldn't let me
  4. Nadia Majid
    thats fantastic how on earth did u approach these people ive tired via facebook but hey don't reply back and i know some of them don't offer the service i have.... dead ends!!
  5. Nadia Majid
    how would i do this ? thank you
  6. Nadia Majid
    no way xxx
  7. Nadia Majid
    hello i would be interested aswell please. thank you
  8. Nadia Majid
    scheduling tool? could you provide a little more in
    sheduling tool ..please could you provide more info.. thanks
  9. Nadia Majid
    are u charging them for the
    are u charging them for the raffle tickets? - money donated to charity?
  10. Nadia Majid
    just makeup but shes in a different town to me -----
  11. Amplify
    If you could send me some further info on this too please? :)

    If you'd email to it would be much appreciated.

    I've been going through the thread and have written down a lot of the ideas but still have more pages to go through. I want to contact care homes/nursing homes but I am really unsure of how to word an email to them. Can anyone help?
  13. Nadia Majid
    so my so called friend has dumped me-- she no longer requires my services and wants to go out on her own....

    All the time ,energy on social media wasted....i'm a nice person go out the way to help others and im fuming....

    time to get thick skinned and go out on my own ....
  14. Loy of Wax Cabana
    You can do it. Everything happens for a reason. Focus and you will succeed. All the best. New Year....New Successes!!!! Yeah!!!
  15. Loy of Wax Cabana
    Wow Lynne! You are on a roll. Great ideas
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  16. JayM
    Loving this thread! Gone right back to the start of it x
  17. glhnb2016
    Did you charge them or donate it for free ?
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  18. Jasmine Health and Beauty
    Great suggestion Lynne, we also find gift vouchers are a good way to promote the business and not all of them are redeemed !
  19. Ali_d2003
    how did you do the promotional evening like what did you do ext. I only have a room in my house do you think I could do this?
  20. Ali_d2003
    how do I do this

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