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Discussion in 'Business' started by Lynne Baker, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Lynne Baker
    Hi chaps!
    I've just spent a couple of hours sending emails to all the local golf clubs, day nurseries and independent schools offering a gift voucher for their Christmas Fayres/Raffles/Draws.
    Given that of the several hundred pounds worth of gift vouchers I have sold only 3 have been redeemed, I decided that it was worth a gamble. It gets my name into even more local venues (I shall drop off a load of flyers when I drop off the gift voucher) and puts me in a good light in the eyes of the local businesses.
    Already I have had one of the clubs ring to take me up on the offer!
    Remember to keep promoting your business during these straitened times!
  2. ~ Fickle Feet ~
    What a great idea!

    Do you mind me asking how you worded your email? Did you have one standard one which was suitable for each place you emailled?

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  3. Lynne Baker
    This is what I wrote:

    Hi there
    Please forgive my contacting you this way!
    I have recently opened a professional beauty salon in Kingsclere. I would like to offer you a Gift Voucher redeemable against any treatment at my salon as a prize, if you are having a Christmas Fayre or Raffle
    If this is acceptable to you perhaps you might contact me on 01xxx xxxxxxx to discuss.
    I have taken the liberty of attaching a link to my website so you can see the range of treatments I offer.
    Many thanks, and best wishes
  4. ~ Fickle Feet ~
    I had an email from an independant pr person a while back and he started off by saying something similar to your opening line, it got my attention and made me read the whole email...........i hope its a huge success and brings you in lots of new business

  5. Lynne Baker
    Thank you!
    I was beginning to think that my ideas were falling on deaf ears as nobody replies to my threads.
  6. ~ Fickle Feet ~
    I think spending a little bit of your quiet time sending a short emails to people is a great way of generating business and getting your name known.....I'm now off to take a look at your other threads to read your fab ideas!
  7. shell28
    Thats a brillant idea hun think i may give it ago myself xx
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  8. ank
    This is a brilliant idea, i recently gave a voucher for a mini manicure which i charge £9.00 to our local pub to put into a promise auction, they sold it for £18 which i was so chuffed about as all money was going to Air ambulance x I have also been asked to put a voucher in for the Playgroup christmas bingo, hopefully this will also get me some more business:) x
  9. Lynne Baker
    Here are a couple more things I found out about this morning.

    Ladies Who Latte - business networking for ladies (for most of us they're our target audience!) and it's free!

    Business Women's Cafe - again, basic membership is free

    Hope these help!
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  10. Lynne Baker
    Also, check out your local posh hotels without spas and see if they're having Christmas/New Year/charity balls, give them a Gift Voucher which should get your name on the programme too!
    It's children in need on Friday too - another good place to get your name!
    Consider the Soroptomists and the WI too, as places where ladies gather...
  11. Shellie xx
    What a great idea!! I think I might give it a go myself if you don't mind!? I'm very quiet at the mo which I hate. I'm hoping it's just the time of year and not the credit crunch! I'm doing a promotional evening tonight about a new treatment that we are launching ~ hopefully it will generate a bit more business for us too! xx
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  12. gemma0408
    Good idea, think i'll have to try that one myself! :lol: xx
  13. K's tanning
    Another brilliant way to get your name out there without having to spend a fortune. I've been donating free spray tan vouchers to all my local fundraising events. Have so far only had two people redeem them, but hey, it's a start.
  14. Lynne Baker
    I was driving past a local wedding dress shop today and thought "aha!" so I dropped in and had a little chat with the owner (a lovely lady called Michelle). The result? She's taken some of my flyers and I've invited her for a free treatment so she can see what I do, and we're going to work together to provide our brides/prom queens with the whole package.
    Think laterally!
  15. shell28
    Blimey you are coming up with some great ideas hun ive tryed most of them so thank you xx:hug:
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  16. ClaireWalsh
  17. RedAdmiral
    Fantastic - I recently had my Breast Cancer fund raiser and it went so well that I cant wait to do another! Client love that you do things like that and its a great talking point.
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  18. Lynne Baker
  19. Lynne Baker
  20. ~ Fickle Feet ~
    WOW!!!! your on fire with your ideas!! xx

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