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Feb 18, 2004
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Milton Keynes
I have just completed 3 days of my 4 day foundation course with Creative nails - I did a set of nails on my model (3 1/2 hours!!!), anyway, they were not bad and a week later - no lifting... I was really pleased. Anyway, as I need practice, we soaked them off last night and she mentioned she would like glitter nails. I have a pot of mosaic twilight powder, so today went to her house and proceeded to put a set on her using this powder. WHAT A DISASTER - I thought they looked awful, although my time was 2 .30 (cut down an hour), I could see "joins", although I couldnt feel them if that makes sense? - can anyone tell me if this powder should be used just for the tip, in which case todays nails may not be my fault (??), or have I just had a crap day?
All powders i think can be used as a coloured tip, did you do a layer of clear over the top to protect it? When you say a line is it more of a shadow you can see? It may be that when you applied the tip, you may have left a tiny ridge so when applied the clear or pink it would possibly look like a line or shadow where the join is.

When i apply my tip i make sure its nice and smooth, so when you apply zones 2and3 it goes on smoothly, and you should always wipe the brush right over the whole nail to get it smooth to blend in from zone 2-1 and zone 3-2, hope this makes sense.

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