moulded nails?


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Feb 2, 2003
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dorset england
anyone heard of moulded nails apparently the new thing in london?
a clients daughter had them done :? .i havent seen themand she could tell me no more than they are called moulded nails :? :?
is this the actual nail or is it some kind of decoration formed in a mould with acrylic and then applied.? you sure she didnt say mouldy nails!!! l.o.l .
no its supposed to be a new type of enhancement of some sort.when she (the mother )comes next week i will try and find out more.
Well I am in London and I have never heard of them lol......
Well it's got to be either sculptured nails, as in moulded on a free form or pre moulded nails as in party nails..............
3D nail art ????

Keep us informed , cant wait what it could be !!!!!!!!
My bet is that she is talking about sculpts ;)
A few years ago now, a girl came onto the Creative stand at Olympia and told me she did moulded nails. She told me the system originated in Canada.

When she described what she did it went like this:
She actually made a mould of each finger nail by pressing the nail into some ort of 'clay'. Then she filled the mould with Liquid and Powder thus making basically a stick on nail that fit the client's own nail contour perfectly!!

At the end of the day she was describing a 'bespoke' stick on nail! Never heard of it since but she used to come on the stand every year and watch us work ... don't know if she ever 'moved on' in the nail business or not.
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