mummys little pumpkin kyle at 8 months


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Nov 7, 2005
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What a gorgeous looking baby!!

Beautiful baby , God Bless :wink2:
What a sweetheart!x
he is a sweetie xxxxx
Could he be any cuter? So sweet!
aww thanks e1 gotta give him summat to hate me for when hes older

his birthmarks are clearing too
does anyone know anything about "mast cell nevi"?
tried to google it but not really come up with anything?

Hi There!!

I'm not sure if it is the same as my daughter had when she was a baby, but it looks exactly like what she had.

When she was 4 weeks old, I noticed a red bump/lump on her head, I immediatley took her to the doctor, and it was diagnosed as a "Hemangioma"

( If you google Hemangioma it might help you) They are not serious, and they do subside over years.. ( Now a days they can even be lasered off). But in the case of my daughter it eventually just faded, and even the bump/lump has disappeared..

My daughter is 27 yrs old now and every now and then I take a look at where it was, it is now just a little red mark..
P.S. There also was a little boy in my son's playschool who had one on his forheaed, and he had it lasered off, and you can't even tell where it had been.

I hope this information has helped you a little.

Awwww .... how cute.
so cute. i remember when my littleone had a devil outfit and looked so cute
aww hunny hes gorgeous xx

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