My attempt at gel popits


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Lil Linz

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Aug 18, 2006
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North Notts
After reading all the threads on gel popits at the moment, and raiding my hair accessories box for various clips, i decided to have a go on myself. Whilst raiding, i found some metal clips that my mum used to use when she was a hairdresser (sometime in the 70's) and i thought that if i could bend them into the correct shape, they would make the ideal popit holder. (ive included a pic of the clip)

Now i know some of you are prob thinking, 'but its metal, the uv light wont penetrate it', so i ended up double curing after the clip was removed (im pretty sure geeg said in her demo that she double cured gel popits - did i hear right?)

I have only done 2 nails so far, this is my first attempt using gel in popits, and i have now realised that i was too eager to put the gel on, i forgot to do the bonder layer :smack: also i will have to make a few more clips for the diff sized nails.

I've included pics before and after polish, i know there are a couple of tiny airbubbles in the gels, i think this due more to my application of the gel into the popit.

The gel is IBD clear builder gel, and polish is Orly - On The List


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well huni....i have not done popits yet so can only say....i think they are good .....and you done well to post them too....well done again xx
i havent tried popits yet either but they look good to me well done,what a great idea for the clips.thanks for sharing:)
I seem to remember the same type of clip used for inverted molds on youtube somewhere.

Pretty neat.

I'm trying to avoid the double curing....

Great try!

Keep us posted on how you get on.

well done

i like it

I think they turned out pretty good!!
I think I have some of those clips around the house.. ( I am off on a search right now for them).

Tell me please.... When you applied the gel, did you just apply the gel down the centre of the poppit and when you gently pressed down on the poppit, did the gel spread through out the poppit?

I applied the gel down the middle of the popit, then just pulled a little bit up the sidewalls of the popit, and waited for it to settle for 5secs before applying. There was a little bit of seepage at the free egde but that was due to me applying too much product.

I have still got to try this on a friend, but one of my gel ones is due for a fill soon so i'll let you know how it goes. At the moment, i just know it works for my own nails.
:hug:Thanks Lil LInz

Thanks for the info!!
Please keep me posted, when you do another gel set..

Think they are excellent for your first attempt, great idea with the clip too, xx
they certainly look very good for your first go
I've only done l&p so far but this is very usefull
going to try them with gel soon thx
I have given a shot at 5 nails this way, each one was NEARLY perfect...
BUT absolutely no bubbles!!
Definately better than the other methods I tried.
The tubes were great that they were see-thru, but a bugger to get on and sometimes the poppit would slide.
Butterfly clips never fit right nor applied enough pressure once the hand 'rested'.

So far, these clips work best.
The only glitch is they don't fit well in my tunnel lamp:irked:
I need a 'two-handed' tunnel for these, me thinks....

I'm going to given them a crack at a full set this weekend, and see how it turns out.

I don't like that they're not see-thru and that we must double cure, but so be it.

I still have to fiddle with my gel quantity, but with less worries for bubbles, I can see this working out better for me already.

Thanks for sharing!!
I have been using the metal clips........

And low and behold........ NO MORE BUBBLES!!:green:

I think I shall stick with them, and stop worrying about the double curing.
It gets the job done, so why bust my head open.

I'm still working at getting exactly the right amount of gel into the poppit.. It's either not enough, or too much.
BUT better every time I try.

The other glitch I find is that with the gel, I can't put them up to the eponychium as suggested in the tut, or under it as I get seepage and lifting that way....
Maybe I'm not angling it right, or I'm 'wiggling' it and not holding it still enough when I fit the clip over..
Still working at it, and WILL master this if it kills me

I DID find that for one client so far, there is NO way she can have poppits.
Her nails have a STRONG natural c-curve AND a STRONG natural apex... these claws curve every which way and are curved more than the poppit...

But, other than her... I think for most this method will be ideal and save me OOOOODLES of time.

Looking forward to mastering these lil critters.

glad i could help victoria! i've done a couple of sets so far on clients and only had a small amount of seepage at the free edge due to too much product, but that will come with time and practice.

I have a p+w gel infil on thurs so i will try to post some pictures of it for you.


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