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Jan 9, 2003
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Heres another more recent Scratch article that I did: "My Big Fat Greek Leukonychia".

Not sure if anyone noticed this, but Alex Fox ended up making this article a full page as I went over double my word count limit, but she didnt want to edit it.
To be honest, I knew I had gone over, but I didnt think I had gone over by much. Bless her, for the past year, my word count has gradually creeped up and she has been killing herself every month attempting to make the article fit in each issue (anyone notice the font size getting smaller and smaller ;) ).
I was totally unaware and have now vowed to keep on target!


O yea, I also removed the Sherlock reference. Um, that was actually not supposed to appear in the version I sent to Al :o

Anyway, like the other articles I do, it can be found in Site Stuff->Articles. Or simply [thread=6245]click here[/thread].

Comments or questions can be posted in this thread.

Sam, I love every article you write :cool:
I think you would make a great childrens author, What out Jk Rowling ;)
When I was young ( a long time ago) the white spots on the nails were always called milk spots, so could this be where the link to a calcium deficiency comes from? ... since milk is known as a major source of calcium.

Just a thought!
That sam was excactly what i was tought on my foundation course n yes i do clients ask me if they r lackin in calcium dont use all your terms for the answer though lol
fabulous article sam, used it as research as you will maybe find out in my presentation

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