My first post of what I'm sure will become many!


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Mar 14, 2010
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Hi all, throught i would get registered and say Hi to all you fellow geeks!

Im Tania i finshed my Nail Tech dipolma in Feb this year which i did through Stonebridge College which was good for getting my head round it all, but for pratical not one bit!! but i am lucky to have my sister-in-law who has 7 years experiance in the nail industry. And this site which has been a great help! Hoping to start my own business this time next year as a homebased salon. Hubby is a builder so making me a lovely log cabin in the garden, already been to Ikea there stuff is fab and ordered my first Scratch mag subscription which im realley excited about. So now any spare min i get i practice as i realley want this to work!! :) x
Welcome to the site, and to posting!!!
There are so many useful things here on the site from the tutorials and articles to all the Group Discussion pages, a wealth of knowledge from all over the world at your fingertips...what's not to love about SalonGeek!!!

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