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Mar 15, 2003
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I couldn't pick between two pics so I sent them both and asked that they use their best judgement. I would like your constructive criticism, thanks!

You wouldn't wear a toolbelt with that little black dress, so why would you use your jewels as tools?

Your nails are jewels not tools.
:shock: thought I should prob post a closer up for critiquing

just a side note, this is the first time I tried sculpting whites on a real usually cheat and use tips, I usually practiced whites on clothespins.

the tools are made out of mosaic powders

Hi fingernailfixer, what a brilliant interpretation of such a well used quote. It also makes such a difference having professional photos done......really fab.

The only criticism that I can see (although far be it for me to make any critisism at all :oops:) is on the index and middle finger - it looks like the free edges are slightly more rounded than the ring and little finger. However, I'm more than aware that this maybe down to the photo ;)

Anyway, well done for getting up there and giving it a go, I'm sure you'll do really well.

All the best (got my fingers crossed for you)
Thanks for posting them. I haven't a clue what Mosiac is, but those look fab!!! Well, done!

uhh didnt spell that right...but hey.... :oops:
i'm not sure what the meaning is either but i love the first one with slogan i can see that on the back of vogue, the billboards etc., u need to be sending that to some nail companies ad departments well done :p
what does the term mean then.... i thought it was like i dunno bathroom mosacic designs on nails...obviously not...can you explain...have you just stuck the little tools on or have you sculpted them
sorry gals, I will explain, the mosaics are the colored acrylic powders from creative so yes I created the tools from colored acrylic. I made the tools up ahead of time and then attached them to the nails when the nails were finished, sentimental as I am I wanted to keep the

The nail pics are what I submitted to the creative masters mosaic art contest, they held a contest amongst the masters to create art using their colored acrylic powders.contest info: rules.html

Here are a couple pics of the mosaic powders:
All I can say is .........................Brilliant Idea and beautiful Nails.
I love them
thanks for sharing those with us
Love Ruth xxx
what a cool idea!! I really hope you do well. I think the shots are great - would be a great entry for Alternative Nail Awards but we can talk about that later! :rolleyes: Congrats and well done!!! :thumbsup: :goal:
what a brilliant idea they are great really hope you do well :D
They are awesome... how long did your model wear them for? And how long did they take you to do?
I worked on the tools for a week then I did the nails on my model took 5 hours then the photo shoot was 2 hours!
The sculpted P&W nails you did look FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTLY FANTASTIC! I love them :shock: :D !
What products (colours) did you use for the P&W?
I used CND perfect color pink and perfect color white

Just wanted to thank you guys for all your comments and encouragment!
Hiya Debbie,
I'm bumping this up because I think this is the pic you were looking for ... at least I hope it is!
Just wondering what the results were Fingernail Fixer. They are amazing!!
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