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miss amy

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Jul 9, 2006
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heanor in derbyshire
hey guys,
just an update really, dillon and lee hairdressing opened last tuesday. I have had 21 clients in on my first week and most of them were new random walk ins. This week i have got 18 in this week,actually in the book so hopefully will get some walk ins too. Is that a good for an opening couple of weeks? as its my first business i dont know! i have got someone starting to rent a chair off me next week, i think thats the right route to go down rather than employing staff?

I have been doing 50% off all services as an opening 2 week offer i think that has done wonders. Its a lot but i would rather have something in the till than nothing :)

Amy xx:hug:
congratulations !

GLad things are going well

Website it nice too !

Amb x
Thats fantastic, im hoping to open a small salon myself above a clothes shop. Hope i get the same response.

Well done you :)
Congratulations on your opening!!!! I hope it all goes to plan.xx

In answer to your question - I think having any bookings straight away is a total bonus, you've only just opened the doors!!!

thats very positive, well done you!
to get any is a fantastic start. Glad that you've only done the special offer for 2 weeks though.
Just had a quick look at your site and you mention a glass of wine or beer, do you have to have some form of licence for this?
I think its a nice thing to do, but not sure if you are breaching any laws.
i think you only have to have a licsence if your charging for alcohol!!??
yer liz in right u only need a licence if your charging for alchohol or however u spell it!!!!!

By the way fantastic opening week did they rebook?

Becki xxx
oh thats good, just wanted to check.

think I wouldn't mind adopting that idea. Will have an open plan reception area and would (eventually) like to have a coffee machine, chilled water, and poss wine for people to help themselves.
also. would love to offer chocolate martinis, does anyone have a recipe?

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