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Jan 12, 2003
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Cardiff, Wales
Can I just ask...does anyone else receive negativity from people about being a nail tech?

As you may know, Im still a student at college (today was my last more exam to go!), and a lot of the teachers have turned around and told me I'm heading into a boring, stupid, made-up you could guess...Im fuming at! The whole year, my form tutor has been trying to convince me to go to art college to continue my art studies, despite knowing that I know exactly what I want to do! A few teachers have even asked me why Im at college if I want to do something that is not academic ! So why are nail techs and others in the beauty industry seen as being thick and stupid and incapable of having a ''proper'' job?!? Makes me MAD :frust: :fire: :hit:

Does every nail tech receive these rude and negative comments...or is it just me ? :'(

That really annoys me!

I have a classic one!

I decided to do A-levels at college, Media Studies and Theatre studies. The only reason I took them is because I love Drama, and it was the only thing I could think of that may be relevant.
But it was more theory than practical, and it wasn't might sort of thing. :( I wanted to do stage work, and as for Media studies, it was all about analysing advets, when I wanted to make films etc. :(

So because my grades weren't the best as I wasn't happy there, my media studies teacher took me to the side and said in the most patronising voice "Maybe you should consider a more vocational career, such as being a beautician!" I could have slapped her, she tryed to make me sound out to be such a bimbo (no offense to anyone!) and she didn't even know anything about me to make this assumption! :evil: :evil:

Anyway, I left and went to another college where I found the perfect course for me as an overseas entertainer, and I was in charge of my own hotel! It was brilliant, but being a true Yorkshire girl I missed my precious England (even though it rains always) and so I decided to stay here this year and become a nail tech.

It was a brilliant move and I don't care what anybody says about it because they won't be laughing so hard when I have my own salon and a nice little business!

Anyway, if art is your thing then this is perfect because each nail IS a work of art, and that means there will be lots of people walking around wearing your art. :) And I think that is a much better thing. :D
Yep, it was the same when I left school (many moons ago) - thickos did beauty. So I was discouraged by parents and teachers alike not to go into the beauty industry.

Thankfully I've found nails now - only wish I'd paid more attention in Chemistry and Biology. I'd love to know as much as Geeg knows about the chemicals in nail products! Now where was that advise in my careers lessons?

People with that attitude usually have no knowledge of the industry and don't have a clue what they're talking about. Give them an NVQ Beauty Therapy book to read and then see if they think it's for 'thickos'!!!

Nails is a relatively new industry and I guess it's up to us to let everyone know it's a profession we take seriously, by working hard for our qualifications and taking pride in our work.

Follow your heart Layla - you wouldn't have made nails your hobby for so long if you found it boring, would you now!?

Don't forget to sign up at Friends Reunited coz you don't want to miss out on the school reunion party when you've got a CV with fashion credits as long as your arm!!?? :D

I know ya gonna do it!!!

My X (very X) husband used to say things like, "the only reason people become nail teks, is because they are too thick to go to Uni". What a plonker :blackeye: Anyway, one day I turned around and said, "Excuse me, but who is making £50.00 per hour, you or me?" :tongue: That shut him up for good!! and now I'm married to a lovely Geek who understands all this.... ahhhhh :oops: :oops:
That is really sweet. One day when I get a Man (as they seem so hard to find these days!) I will hopefully be able to say the same. :D
Must admit, my man doesn't think this job is for thickos, and is well aware of the potential financial rewards. He's becoming quite good at doing the housework while i'm out working - but don't tell him i've told u all that.... ;) and is VERY supportive of me

I think those who think we're all thick are just REALLY naive, and don't know what they're talking about - poor souls!

I've worked in retail, I've done the whole college thang to HND level (in childcare & education) , I now work in an office, I have never had to be so aware of chemical usage & safety, human anatomy, health & safety, business management, financial organisation, communication, general administration, and skilled product usage/artistry before!!!

So - the next point I wanna make is this....when we all have to know all this stuff, why do employers (in my area at least) only pay £4.50 - £5 p/h?????
feebeast said:
So - the next point I wanna make is this....when we all have to know all this stuff, why do employers (in my area at least) only pay £4.50 - £5 p/h?????

and it's a damn good point! ;)
Hi Layla,

Since I am not a youngster by any means, the initial feedback I received from some family members and friends did not really bother me. I am old enough to let it slide off my back. I spent the last 20 years holed up in an office and when I got the boot in October, I took my beautiful little severance package and decided it was time to do something entirely different and unleash that Creative (no pun intended) side of me.

People who only knew me as a 'corporate chick' thought I'd lost my marbles,but the people who really know me well were envious that I seemed to be deleriously happy learning something entirely new and fun. I managed to convince the ones who were giving me grief that I had done a lot of research and had a plan, and it wasn't something I decided to do on a whim.

Overall though, I would have to agree with you that there is a certain amount of negativity that goes with this trade and I'm unsure why. I would challenge anyone with a University diploma who thinks that cutting hair or doing nails is easy to let me see their finished product the first time they attempt it.
Well I have a few words to say on this matter............................
Well you knew I would lol
A few teachers have even asked me why Im at college if I want to do something that is not academic
A Nail Technician is a professional job. It is highly professional, we have to get educated, we have to train , we have to take exams, we have to continously update our skills, which means more training, more tests, practical and written. We pay thousands of pounds to be the best. We spend a lot of our time in a class room enviroment to be the best. We have to be aware what the fashion world is doing, in order to keep up with trends and colours and styles.Why do we do this, because we have a passion for what we do.
So I would have thought that with your educational background in the art stuff, you would make on hell of a great nail technician and nail art designer.
So the next time they slagg off our great profession just ask them how much do they earn??? Do they have a passion for their chosen carreer?
Will they ever get chance to show the world their talents?
If they where true caring professional teachers themselfs, they would not slagg of a profession they obviously dont know much about, but encourage you to make your dreams come true and guide you towards your goals, and when you are at the top of the Nail Industry Tree, say to themselfs and others.............. You remember Layla that great and well known Nail Tech and Nail artist, well, I helped her on her way .....................She was one of my best students and wow aint she done well.

So take heart babe, not everybody can follow their dreams as they have no vision, you have a dream and a vision so keep that alive in your heart and head and no one can take that away from you...............

Love Ruth xxxxxxxxxxx love ya lots xxxxxxxx
Thank you for your replies!! Im so glad Im not the only one with this problem :? Sam, your post made me chuckle, lol. Luckily, my boyfriend is very supportive about my chosen getting him converted now too...he's started analysing nails on tv and in magazines! lol!

Im so determined to just fight against people's remarks and become as successful as I can possibly be. Luckily my parents know how obsessed i am...thats why they're paying for my courses! haha!
As for being bored! ha! Dont think so...Iv spent most of the year skipping college to stay at home and do nails! oooh how I wish I could say that to my teachers ;-)

Well I get really cross (thats a silly word, but can`t put anything harsher on here can I) when people make comments like that, especially about Beauticians being BIMBOS. I studied beauty therapy before nails and I found it extremely hard work on the brain matter and NO WAY could a bimbo pass exams like that!
Debbie, by your post I think I offended you. :(
That wasn't meant at all, because beauty and massage is my next step and what I was trying to say was that she was trying to make out like I was a Bimbo in the way she was talking to me. I didn't for one minute mean that Beauticians are Bimbos because I do not think that at all.

Maybe I should have stated that in my post, but I do really apologise if that is what you thought.
Not at all, I didn`t take offense at you, was just putting my point across about everyone else out there that think you have to be blonde to be a beautician. I knew what you meant, but I obviously didn`t put my point across properly and wasn`t pointing the finger at anyone in general, certainly not you.
Good, I'm glad. I was just checking. :D I don't think that people realise it involves Science! Lots of care is needed and time as well.
Don`t fret, I`m obviously not good with grammar. My posts are a bit like text messaging, wit doesn`t come across. You wouldn`t believe my written assignments were top notch.
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