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Jan 27, 2007
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Afternoon all :)

I am taking some time out to get my aftercare leaflets/ consulation forms and other leaflets sorted. I have searched on here and the interenet but wondered if any of you fellow geeks know where I can get my hands on some Nail and beauty clip art.....? I want my leaflets to look good and have a couple of pics on them.

Any advise appreciated :hug:
be very careful taking anything from the net as even though they might not say copyright they can could use your own pics...always better to show what YOU have done. xx
Here is a link to the company I use which was recommended to me ages ago by another geek.
Stock Photography: Search Royalty Free Images & Photos |
You do have to pay - $10 for 10 credits so for us in the UK it works out about 50p per picture. But they have a vast amount of pictures to choose from and at the end of the day you know that what you have is all legal and above board.

Thanks for the speedy replies :hug:

I didn't think about photo's, I was going to use kind of pics that you get on clip art so not photos just drawings of hands, there was a disk in nail order catalouge with images on but it was £20.

Do you think photos will look better?? Would clip art not look as professional??

Thats for that site Debs, has got me thinking though as I just invested in good camera, maybe I should forget the clip art and try my hand at some photography! is another good photo library.
what about the good old microsoft office clip art page? I use lots of stuff from there,
Maybe the system you are using will provide you with their own logos etc to use on your advertising.

I know you arn't Calgel but for anyone else who is i think they do a cd rom you can use for web design and advertising.I'm sure i read it on here a while back.
IMHO clip art cartoony stuff is extremely dated and amateur - Try you hand at some photography or like someone has said Microsoft office clips have some really good images.

I agree about it being dated.

I bought a clip art disc from nailorder and the pics on arnt that good.

Real photos depict real life and create an ideal that the customer would like to aspire to.
IMHO clip art cartoony stuff is extremely dated and amateur

I totally agree with this and think it will definately be worth spending some money to get that really professional look.:)
Thankyou for all your views and opinions, much appreciated! I see what you mean about clip art cartoony pics being amateur.

Yes thats the disk I was looking at on Nail Order, Don't think I will now.

I will set up tomoz and try my hand and some photography oh polishes etc and see how it goes! :eek::lol:

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