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May 1, 2003
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Hampstead, London
I've recently been using the nail art pens (which are basically nail
polish rather than acrylic paint) for detailed pattern work on my nails.
However, I'm having a small problem when it comes to sealing this in
with a top coat - even though I leave it until it's dry I find the top
coat must "moisten" it again and I find that it drags it slightly and
damages the pattern! Haven't done any of these designs on my clients yet
(as they nearly always want basic french) but am concerned when I have
to do it cos I won't have ages to wait around for the nail art to dry
:( Has anyone else come across this problem and found any solutions?

Thanks - please please can someone help

Try Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat - this is supposed to be good over Nail art to avoid smudging.
It's available from Perfect Nails.
Tel: 020 8906 9090 or

the nail art pens from millenium are acrylic based and dry real quick.
I use nailpolish art pens to do designs and you have to make SURE that it is dry, sometimes you might have a spot or two that was thicker and hasn't dried thoroughly. This is enough to ruin your design. Also when applying the topcoat or sealer make sure that you don't drag the bristles of the brush on the design, kind of float your brush over it instead.
Top coating..........
After you have done your design and it has dried, use a normal top coat, a fast drying one will drag the paint even though it is dry, because fast top coats are usualy of much thicker consistency and therefore heavier..................
Apply the top coat in a hovvering motion, not pressing but rather guiding it.....After you have sealed it with normal top coat, you can then use a fast drying one, I find OUT THE DOOR brill for that, but Seche Vite is a brill one too........

Melle at does a brill one, you can use it on handpainted art as well as airbrushing.......
Thanks very much for all your advice - I had been floating it over the top really quickly but found it still smudged a little sometimes - think I'll order some Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat as 2 of you have recommended - may even order some of the millennium nail art pens too as I also find that if a little mistake is made you can't wipe it off as easy as acrylic!

Cheers ladies - I love this site!!
depending on the design sometimes ill dot on top of the design with the clear first

i did a french nail with pink metallic dots thing and the metallic was silver, and then painted pink. so when i first top coated my pinky it smeared all over the white lol. so first, i dotted clear lightly on each dot (making sure its not too thick) then after it dried covered the whole thing

of course this depends, obviously if you have used the pens all over the nail this wouldnt work well. but if yuo do like a random little butterfly maybe in the corner then this could work too. seems like it would be more raised but it doesnt. works for me
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