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pinkie 0001

Dec 3, 2003
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sheffield uk
can anybody tell me the best nail art books to buy :?:
there are so many to choose from.
jules :sunny:
Hey Pinkie =D

These are my personal Bibles (thanks to Santa this year ;)) =

The Nail Style Book - by the untouchables.....

This is the most inspirational nail art i have found out there,it's stunning,really took my breath away!At 42 pages including 4 step-by-step tutorials it's pretty good,more for visual reference than a 'how to'..but i definately reccomend it!

Nail Artistry - by Jacqui Jefford,Sue Marsh and Anne Swain......

Also an amazing book, 277 pages in this baby!This is the best book if your looking to learn and improve,it covers every aspect of nail design and loads more stuff,the chapters being:

the business of nail art
anatomy and physiology of the skin and nails
basic nail art techniques
the art of airbrushing
mixed media nail art
fashion and photographic nails
competition nail art

Hope this has helped you!

love heli x x x :shock: [/b]
:flower: thanks heli where can i get them from :?: are they exspensive :?:
luv jules xxx :p
no problem babe,cant tear myself away from them!hehe geekish!....

i mailordered mine (if you get Nails magazine,there is ALWAYS a 'book club' page which has some great books on it) if you dont have this,here are the details you need:

Nail Artistry is £20.99 (or £19.00 with an ANT membership - make sure to state this during the phone call)

The Nail Style Book is £13.99 (or 12.50 with ANT)

Minimum postage charge is 7.50/large orders and overseas orders postage price on application


line is open mon-fri 9-5....14 day money back garantee on all orders and they accept - visa , mastercard , delta , switch and solo

Think thats the lot =D happy shopping :D

heli x x x :shock:
I have found that Amazon is one of the best sites to buy these books from. A really good book is Nail Art and Design by Tammy Biggins :D
Its a bit on the expensive side at around £30 but worth it 8)
ive not come across the tammy biggins one, can you give us a rough idea on the contents- mostly hand painted , air brush , coloured acrylic or what? by the way my hubby got me the nail artistry book for xmas and its great
If you follow this link it will take you to a web site that sells lots of nail bohttploks and gives reviews on them.
this site is great for books, but what do you know, no review or synopsis for that particular one!!
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