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Jul 19, 2003
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I want to start doing more detailed nail art and I was wondering what most of you use. I do gel nails and currently all i do is white gel designs (with the fm gel). I like to seal the art with gel so should i just invest in colored gels or should i get acrylic paints? Any other products i can use to paint nail art?


Hiii Winky,

Why don't you use nailpolish for the nail art. I use nailpolish and put a topcoat on it. I never use acryl paints. Try stripers, I think they are great. You even can make flowers with the stripes. But the only way the get it great is practice, practice and practice again.

I use nail polish and acrylic paint for my nail art then I seal it with topcoat varnish or gel, if i want it on for longer :) Just make sure whatever you use is fully dried before you seal it!! Acrylic paints dry really fast, and you can get them is loads of different colours, even metallic and glow in the darks! They're easy to paint on, and you can mix up your own colours. Nail varnish can take longer to dry, and are more difficult to use if you want to paint on intricate designs, but i still use them, as many other people do. Have a play!

I use flexibrushs which have a fine thin long brush and come in great colours, metallics and glitter,

plus i use nail polishs these work great 4me, i always seal with with a top coat or Northern lights which looks great at night.

Hope this helps

Cazza :D :D
I use Acrylic paints for my nail art, it dry much faster then polish and then you can seal it if you want to with FAZE2, it's a gel varnish that does not come of with Varnish remover.........

I use the V-rush pens, very fine striper and detailing brushes...........
Normal run of the mill artist brushes, they are just very small, dotting tool, sponges, toothpicks, lace anything really that I can get my hands on lol........

I save the polishes just for marbling as they tend to stay wetter for longer, so I can mix them better.............
But then if you are using Varnish you cant use FAZE2 to seal it as the varnish needs a good 8 hours to set ............ if you put the faze on touch dry varnish it wont set at all and you will be left with icky sticky yucky nails.........................So just normal top coat to seal this one..........

Just a thought
love Ruth xxxxxxx
Thanx for all the great tips! I've been using polish but when i put gel over it, the gel comes off with the polish remover. I guess i haven't been letting the polish dry properly. Can anyone tell me where i can get Faze2?
Winkygirl said:
Can anyone tell me where i can get Faze2?

Designer Nails - 0113 275 5719 ask for Business Services!! ;)
I use both nail enamel and acrylic artist paints for nail art, finished with a coat of Ezflow Never Yellow Sealer. I also use several different brushes: Dolls Eye, 0, 00, 000 and the Vrush striper pen. Basically, what I use depends on the design I'm doing.
sawasdee ka

we have airbrush paint we buy england for airbrush and we have ayrilc paint for use brush .

When teach staff them just sit with acrlic paint and brush and plastic bottle and them just sit copy design i print internet paint on bottle in time can do for sure and then them think own design .

Kopkhun ka mui
hi all,
where is the best place to buy the acrylic pants and the striper pens from?
also when you use this faze2 do you mean you cant put polish on then do nail art as this wont dry or do you mean you have to just paint the design with acrylic paint on a naked nail then use the faze2 to keep it on :?
love dye
hi ya winkygirl and dye i buy my glitter stripers from sue of at your fingertips they are fab 8)
i also use striper pens which have a brush on one end and pen on the other which i find much easier to draw on my designs. go and have a look at her web site she has lots of great stuff on there :D
its nickki jonesx :D
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