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Apr 10, 2009
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Ulverston, Cumbria
Hi, I have been doing quite a lot of nail art using the nail art pens but was wondering about using acrylic water based paints, are these better to use? is there a good company on the internet to buy them from? also brushes, can anyone reccommend a good quality nail art brush set to use please? thanks xx
acrylic paints do give better results and they are faster drying too.
go for a good brand like 'anitas' or something similar.
cheaper ones often dont have enough colour pigment in them and produce wishy washy results unless you use them thickly which is oviously unsuitable for nail art.

brushes, i'd recomend using thin sable ones, they are easier to use than synthetic especially for painting curves and they hold paint better.

i generally go to hobbycraft for paints but dont know if you have one nearby.

online i buy art materials from ken bromley art supplies but not sure if they sell acrylic craft paints.

brushes, i can highly recomend Rosemary & Co - Artists Brushes by Mail Order. - Rosemary & Co - Artists Brushes by Mail Order.
Thanks so much, just checked out that link and looked at the Kolinski sable brushes, which 2 sizes would you recommend as all rounders for starting off with? x
Would you say the paint is better to have in tubes or pots? I've never used acrylic paints, do you just use them as they come out of the container or mix with water?
which brushes would you recommend for all round nail art X
I use size 0 brushes, from art and craft shops, they're usually only a couple of pounds each. My favourite paints are Reeves tubed acrylics, again, cheap to buy. You can use them as they are for a completely opaque look or water them down on a palette with a brush to thin them, which I find makes them easier to apply. It's all trial and error, finding a way which works best for you!
i prefer the ones in small squeezy bottles, already a mixed consistency.

all types work, it really is just a case of personal choice.

for brushes i prefer a size 0 and then thinner ones. if i have a brush and want it thinner, i trim off extra hairs evenly from the base of the bristles to make it thinner.
never trim off the ends of hairs to make them shorter, you need the tapered ends. and never pluck bristles out, it will make the hairs loose and they will all drop out.

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