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Aug 8, 2009
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Hi Geeks

Just a quick question about nail art, i am having problems when it comes to doing nail art the opposite way espcially on toes and just wondered if any of you have any tips on how to do it, for example its like when you are using your striping pens a get the flicks fine going one way but when i go and do it the opposite on the other foot it looks nothing like the first foot :irked:
totally understand what you are saying. its so much easier to work one way that the other.
if you are finding it a problem, my tip is to do the difficult one first then its very much simpler to match the second one to it.
I know what you mean, i did my first toe nail art the other day and found the opposite foot difficult too! I will follow the tip the lady above said :up: (sorry didn't catch your name before i started writing)
If im doing hands, on the opposite hand i always ask the client to hold her hand up facing me, so her palm is facing her and her fingers pointing upward so i can get the correct angle. Much easier. :)
I think it's a case of just practising over and over again.

I used to use two old tips and paint them next to each other in both directions, so I got used to doing the flicks in the opposite direction etc.
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