Nail crystals- best way to attach please


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Aug 2, 2010
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I've been asked whether I can start offer gem/crystals on toes and finger nails...the lady that asked has them done regularly at a reputable salon nearby. she said they used to use just top coat to attach them but they kept coming off so now they use super glue and she has to wrench them off after 4 you think this is right? Or do you think its nail glue?
What do you all do please? :hug:
Hi Tammy64, I would hope it was a nail glue/resin, as long as you have a base coat/colour this would be ok as its not attatching to the natural nail which could be damaging.
Teri :)
Am I right in thinking that the reason Super glue is not used on the nail is that it is carcinogenic, & nail glue is not , it is a Resin????
Something like that????

Also it is best to sink crystals into soak off gel, makes it easier to remove.
I normally put mine on using top coat although I have thought of using glaze n go to put them on ( not tried it yet though )

I would think that a professional salon would avoid super glue at all costs, nail adhesive wouldn't be a choice for me personally either and I am not training in resin systems so couldn't use that.

The top coat way though lasted 9 weeks on my toes :)
You have to be careful really when listeneing to clients, so many of them don't get their facts straight before opening their mouths to the world. Several of my first time nail clients have thought that the nail glue was super glue. Although I laugh in a sort of 'what do you think I am?' kind of way, of course, if they know nothing about the products then how are they to know? (TBH I havn't looked into what makes superglue and nail glue different). On the other hand, there are plenty therapists out there that maybe would use super glue.

I press gems onto wet polish with an orangewood stick, then go over it with topcoat and recommend that the client goes over it every few days. And they aren't that easy to get off. Although if they are really bulky they dont tend to last as long, or if they are too big to put flush to the nail.

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