Nail cut outs and holes??


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Jul 17, 2003
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Hello everyone - HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL - have a good one!!

On to my question, l have seen many designs of nails with really unusual cut outs like in the recent 'nails' mag - holding the Christmas bauble - very cool. Is it done with the help of a drill? if so what drill bit is used and can anyone recommend a good supplier. Look forward to any replies. take care.
i didnt see the mag, but i think i know what you mean. when i do this type of thing, i use my e.file [kupa 3000] with a very small drill bit that is made by a company called minicraft. its made to fit a minicraft tool which is a type of miniature hand drill. you can buy all sorts of bits for them which are great for crafting tips into shapes [before aplying to client]. although the e.file and the drill bits are made by two different companies they are totally compatible because the shaft is the same diameter as the nail bits that come with the e.file. i believe the dremel tools also fit my file. by the way i am not suggesting that you use a craft tool or craft bits on the actual nails just on tips before application. also i couldnt say if these bits would work in other types of e.files.
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