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Sep 14, 2006
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Hi, i normally use opi for my enamels but have been seeing a few adverts for other mobile manicurists that use jessica nails - i have seen these products on ebay and seem to be lower in cost - has / does anyone else use them and if so whats your opinion?
I know alot of you use creative but i cant seem to be able to get hold of creative polish very easily (i didnt train with them)....
I use OPI polishes myself and love them.

However you don't need to be trained by Creative to buy their polishes, just their enhancement products . . . Ellisons sell them, sorry I don't have their number to hand but you I'm sure they have a website hth x
you can buy Creative nail enamel from Hyperion 3160213

I wouldn't buy anything for professional use from Ebay....i wouldn't want to be selling anything that my clients are able to buy from anywhere.
It won't let me edit for some reason so I'll add it here:

I have a client who buys Jessica polishes and they are lovely; think price-wise about the same as OPI/Creative
In my salon we use opi, jessica, creative, spa ritual and any others that clients request or that we find with a good colour range. However, the most popular, by far, with clients is opi. Also, jessica has a specific method of painting that you need to learn to get the best results.
I like the colours in Jessica but find that the polishes go gloopy. I like Creative and OPI and am presently looking into Spa Ritual polishes which have a great colour collection and have had good feedback.
I'm not sure how it works for you guys as far as professional prices vs. retail but most polishes from any professional line runs me 'bout 3.00 and can retail anywhere from 6-8. Are you looking at retail prices or your professional prices?

I agree personally I will go to the supplier before I buy anything off ebay for my work
I would just like to say that I used Spa Ritual and if anyone wants honest feedback pm me!!!
I don't have an account with Jessica so I don't know the trade prices but I'd be surprised if they are (significantly) cheaper than OPI. Be careful about ebay, you might end up with gloopy secondhand polishes in last years colours (or worse!)

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