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Jul 3, 2010
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I am in the process of doing some preliminary research for opening up a nail salon. If I have 8-10 nail techs, how many supplies should I have for them? Also, does anyone recommend a reasonable wholesaler for pedi supplies - I want to be able to give away a "pedi kit (i.e. file, buffer, etc.)" to each client after they are finished with their treatment?

If you are supplying all products to these 8-10 nail techs, then apart from items they can share (such as polishes) then each technician needs their own equipment and tools and then a central supply of products that can be dispensed to them as and when such as L&P and prep products, files and buffers etc. You also need certain supplies of back up equipment such as brushes, in case of accidents or loss.

I don't think anyone can give you an exact amount you will need. You will learn as you go along and buy as you need for a while until you get stock levels completely sorted out. As long as you make sure you have the core products on hand and keep regular stock checks to moniter how much techs are using.

In my salon, the manager kept a record of what every nail tech was using each and every time they went to her for a fill up at the start of their shift. Only the manager had the keys for the stock cupboard and only she was allowed to dispense .. that gave us an easy way to monitor useage.

The manager will be the most important member of staff in the salon and should manage not do treatments in amongst managing if possible (a manager that 'does' often makes systems lax and then the trouble starts.) The manager can prepare ritual trays for all pedicures so everyone has the same amount of core products etc. She should see to the day to day running of the salon smoothly and be worth every penny you pay her.

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