Nail videos on you tube

Bev Rose

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I have just been wasting my life looking at all the appalling amatuer 'how to do nails' videos on you tube.
My god, it's scary stuff!
One girl has a kit from the chemists, some sort of gel product, she had a filthy cloth with holes in beneath her hands & kept wiping her finger on it & blowing her nail, what she did was horrific.
I know these are not trained people, just Joe Public trying to be informative, but what the hell!!!

I was shocked & also felll about laughing - if you've nothing better to do, then have a look at this........:lol::eek:

YouTube - Basic Gel Nails Tutorial. Part 1


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How horrendous! And her nails look like cr-p, too! Thanks for sharing! :hug:


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It took me so long to look at this as my internet connection kept cutting out, but all I can say is
:eek::eek: Eeerrrmm I don't know what to say!!

Thanks Bev.... it was entertaining anyway :lol:


lol wheres part two !!!!