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Jun 19, 2004
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Could anyone please give me some ideas on how to notice if a tip/nail has just come off or has been picked at, pulled off etc, 2 people i am having this problem with my own and other peoples i don't have a problem with. Any tips about this and i would be grateful Thanks.
If I've had problems with clients repeatedly having nails just "fall off" I ask them to try and keep the nail so I can look at it.
Generally if they've pulled it off you will see a fair bit of nail plate still attached to the back of the extension. Plus their nail will prob have chunks out of it.
Can't honestly say I've ever seen a nail that has just fallen off. Clients all say they've been so careful with them and not picked at them but in many cases they r telling big fat porky pies !!!
Advice I was given is that if there is product still onthe nail then it is a break, if there is no product left an no damage to the nail plate then that is more of a lift off. Dont quote me on this though, LOL!
Try a little scubfresh on the pinger.
It shows up any stress lines and nail damage.............
Even if there is no product left on the nail, they might have just picked that off too......
If it is a true lifter then the area will be smooth with no nail damage showing, in the tell tale white lines and indentations..........
Scrubfresh shows up the damage, that you cant see on a nail that has had time for the natural oil hydrating the damage and masking it..................
Just a thought
As Ruth has said you should be able to tell if its a deliberate pick off as there will be some damage to the natural nail plate. if its a genuine lift due to application or someone having oily nail plates then it will look lovely and smooth and the free edge will be the same as when you put the tip on.
How many times do you hear the cry " i wasn't doing anything - it just pinged off!" giving me wonderful visions of people merrily watching Eastenders sat with their hands in their lap and with true Harry Potter proportions their nail just pinging across the room with absolutely no explanation other than some mystical power causing it.

Nah! More than likely if it is happening to only a few of your client base they are telling big stonking porky pies. I had the same problem as you with one client - she would come back fortnightly with half of the nails missing and wouldn't admit to anything. I would check and double check my prep work, make sure I'd not gone too close to the edges etc.and still to no avail Anyway, I eventually coaxed out of her that when she was drunk she would pick them off!

Now if I come against such a client I use the empathetic approach - during their treatment I will casually drop into conversation how when I feel stressed, or when I have a little edge, or a little lifting etc etc I just can't resist picking or biting at it! Once you've "confessed your sins" you'll be amazed how people suddenly find religion and get all confessional and join in!

Or some people don't even know they are doing it - one lady constantly had little chunks out of the corner of her nails but swore blind that she didn't do it. One day her daughter came with her and we went through the same old consultation. The next time she came she said "you were right my daughter caught me nibbling when I watch the telly and I had no idea I was doing it"


Finally if they have picked or knocked it off it usually leaves scuff marks on the nail plate, if they really did just come off the surface is completely smooth and may mean their nail plates are naturally too oily to allow the product to adhere properly.

Sorry this is long winded but hope it helps.
Hi I know this is guna sound silly but i know i do it myself, when i just have french manicured nails instead of painted if i see the tiniest bit of lifting i would pick it, but when they are painted i don't. see if you can paint there nails for them with some pretty nail art next time and see if they still come off when they come back for infills.
As i said i know it sounds silly but it might work

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