Nano ring extensions matted all at the root


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Oct 30, 2015
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coulsdon, surrey
Hi all.

I fitted a full head of nano rings 3.5 weeks ago, in a double drawn 20'. The customers has text to say her hair is matted and wants them out. I went through aftercare and she was perfectly OK as she had used glue bonds before so assured me she knew how to look after. Either way I went over the key points. On removal the entire root sections are matted! Mainly where she sleep at the lower back, but still hair was in a bad way. The extensions I removed and definitely reusable and she isn't taking any responsibity and wants them re-fitted with slightly less extensions and the larger tip (copper ring) which is what I suggested BUT she feels that she shouldn't pay for a thing.

I said I would seek a second opinion today as I have never had this happen before. It's clearly her aftercare but don't know how to go about it!

Any help and suggestions welcome xx
Unless you went round her house and back combed all her root area she needs to pay :p
Did you remind customer to separate the bonds from each other when hair is wet to prevent matting. Also never go to bed with wet hair.
Looks like aftercare problem, I would definitely charge her, it's your time and work, you can not do it for free x
This isn't your fault I find this type of matting is due to not brushing at all at the top of the head ..with the extension brush of course or not sectioning when drying or she hasn't been drying at all and let it dry on its own ..3.5 weeks is no time at all to get that type of matting it's def an aftercare issue :)
Thanks so much everyone... Just takes that little bit of reassurance. She is actually trying to make a claim on this but will happy fight this. After speaking with other technicians this apparently happens a fair bit of people wanting freebies. I just need to toughen up!
I had a client with stick tips and copper rings who on fitting told me she backcombs her hair and hair extensions. Warning bells should've sounded when she said her last extensionist "sacked her". At 4 weeks after fitting she wanted maintenance. It took me 6 hours to de-mat her hair - with help for 3 of those hours.

The hair was in awful condition after only 4 weeks (it had up to 12 month life span and this hair is excellent normally so definitely aftercare). I saw her a couple of weeks after that as she wanted to buy a spare pack of hair. This was January and haven't seen her since.

This sounds like aftercare so stand your ground and good luck xx

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