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Tickled Pink!

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Nov 7, 2003
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hi there
i mainly do perm french but what are the best coloured powders for a completely natural look. I usually use soft white for the tips and natural for the nail bed. Is this right? Does anyone have any suggestions...perhaps there is a mix which provides a more natural look
i read somewhere that a tiny bit of yellow mixed with the natural will give a more natural look - how natural i cant say tho
i found it - its an article in this months issue of scratch - antony done the article - he says "using a custom mix of A Polymer white with a SMALL amount of Citrine from the gemstones collection. when choosing your mix powders, use the clients natural free edge as your guide,. you want the colour to match as much as possible. you may find you need to use a brighter white, a natural powder or add more or less citrine". hope this helps. the full article is brilliant. if you can get a copy of scratch its on page 77
thanks for that!
Stuffed on that count though...need this for tomorrow. The client keeps ringing saying she wants these to look VERY natural.
So if anyone else has any recipes with the powders i've got, please let me know. thanks
Yeah it works a treat! Not so in your face and looks natural without being too see through.

A big thanks to Fiona for that mix!!:D
thanks for that ratio mix - soft white and natural 2:3.
i'm being dense that mix just on the tips? If so, what do you use on the nail bed? Any help would be gratefully received.
I'd say use the mix on the tip and pink in zones 2 and 3
thanks cathie
just searched and found a thread on this subject - yes, pink on the nail bed and the mix on the tip. All sorted! :lol:
thanks everyone

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