Natural looking sculpting - I hate tips!!


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Jan 13, 2004
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Wot a day - I have a client coming in tomorrow who insists on having tips. I hate them with a passion - they take waaaay too long to put on! She wont have pink and white sculpts (which are my favourite) even though she also has airbrushed french put on afterwards. :rolleyes:

I have spent all day trying to work out a mix of powders to sculpt a natural looking nail so that I can offer her a set for a reduced price and hopefully convert her to sculpts. I'm not having much luck however! Does anyone have any magic potions for this????

I have creative perfect colour in pink, flawless pink and white as well as Pinnacle in clear-as-a-bell, avalanche white and pristine pink so was hoping to use these in some combination but if not - is there a really good natural colour available for sculpting???

Grateful for any info.

Creative sell a natural powder that is really good to sculpt the tip with for natural looking nails...thats the one i use and my clients are always happy with the result...hths
I have been searching for ages to find the holy grail of a mix that will be great for sculpts - I tried natural but sometimes find that it is too transparent to be worn naked. I saw a post on the Beautytech message board a while back that mixed 2:3 ratio of CND Perfect colour Soft White and Perfect Natural - this mix has worked perfectly for my clients.
Could you not just sculpt the whole thing pink if she has french airbrush over the top?
Try mixing clear powder with white, this should help you make a natural looking free edge.

Not much use for tomorrow - but for future....have you tried the Creative Soft White? I really like it, as it's not bright white but has a lovely natural white look to it :biggrin:
Thanks for the replys guys!

Well I pursuaded her to have sculpts!! I ended up using a mixture of pink and white on the tip - to make a slightly more opaque pink - and pink on the nail bed. It looked pretty good and she seemed happy! She didn't even want them airbrushed!

I'm gonna get hold of some of the perfect natural and try the mix with soft white as NaturalNails suggested - then I think I might have it cracked!!


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