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Apr 26, 2003
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fao ruth and other fabric pro's, can u give me the instructions for a natural nail overlay using fabric? thanks

im 30 today all...and get married in 3 days...oooo errrr...vicx
Hi ya Hun..........
Well the instructions are the same , just leaving the tipping bit out..........
fibreglass or silk, leave it a bit longer over the free edge, this will protect the natural nail.......................
build 2x
smooth edges, file to shape with Koala or 240 grit buffer
Boost 2x
and finish with koala or white buffing block, solar oil, scrubfresh and then elbow grease and a girlfriend buffer, so it's nice and shiney.....
Finish with colour or F/Polish..................

Easy and such strong nails
Happy Birthday and a great wedding day xxxxxxxxxx
love Ruth xxxx
Hi ya Hun..........
Don't forget Piccies, piccies and more piccies please......
Oh I love a Wedding

good luck and have a fab day
love Ruth xxxxx
Happy birthday Vicki xxxxxxxxx
Have a great wedding day too
Hi Vicky

Hope the hen night went ok. How r you doing with your Su-Du tanning?
Hope you're enjoying your birthday and good luck for your wedding.

Lotsa luv
Mel xx :thumbsup:
Sawadee Ka

Have beautifull wedding and life all the time and happy birthday

Kop khun ka mui
Ooo happy birthday, Vicki and YES, pictures please!!!

ALSO, a question for Ruth - how long should silk wraps stay on natural nails? I'm using what's left of my student kit and on both my friend and I they only last about a week before curling and lifting. Is this normal? Do you get better results since using Fabric#? I'm dying to try Fabric# once my finances allow me to!

Just curious.


It is not normal for a product to be doing anything unusual after a week!

I wear my fabric# nails month after month after month and I don't give them an easy time. Swimming every day, gardening, cooking and house chores etc etc.

Fabric# will give you better results if you use it correctly. Something is fundamentally wrong with how you are using the product you currently have. It should not be behaving as you describe.
Missed your birthday :oops: but I hope you have a fabulous wedding. As said above - dont forget the pics ;)
Hi Karen
I agree with Geeg you must be doing something wrong with prep ect as I use designer silk (just looking into the fabric) resin and cool gel and have no probs at all my clients have had them on for months with no lifting and they look fab.
Make sure you are preping the nail plate and not letting the resin touch the cuticle and side walls.
Hope this helps
Happy birthday sorry its late :D and I hope the sun keeps shining for the wedding
All the best to you
Take care Dawnie xx
Belated birthday wishes mate :D
hope you have a fab wedding day and the weather stays nice!!
hubbie missing our wedding aniversary on sunday as he's away working :( oh well then we have our holiday to perrin sands in cornwall camping which should be a laugh kids are all hyped up about it and driving me nuts :D
make sure we get to see some piccies! you going anywhere nice for a honeymoon?
nickki jonesx
omg the day has arrived...6 hours to go and ile be married...woo hoo!!!
im going to the lakes till wednesday and open the new salon on thursday...thanks for all your messages...Vickyxxx soon to be Mrs Mellin... :D
Well Hun wraps should stay on definitely more then just a week......
No matter which system you use normal wraps or Fabric# they are all EC resin based products..................

Sorry to say but it has to be either the prepping or the application it self....
make sure you prep the nail , scrubfresh, nailfresh(if you think it's an oily nailplate or clients prone to lifting), make sure there is nothing left on the nail that could cause lifting..........

After prepping ....... do not touch the nailplate with your fingers, you could be transferring oils back onto the prepped surface.....
Also do not touch the material, Fibreglass or Silk, to much with your fingers, again contaminating the material...............
use the left over backing strip to pat it down firmly even pressure..........specially at the free edge..............

Make sure no adhesive goes into the cuticle area or the nail folds........ this will cause mega lifting.........................
make sure the resin covers the material well, pay attention to the sides and the free edge..............
ok Hun and here is another tip for your clients..........
Solar oil and for the Ladies that like to linger in the bath.....more solar oil and tell them to keep their hands out of the hot water when soaking in the bubbles.......well if they are like me who like to soak for hours on end lol.............................
Well just a thought
Love Ruth xxxxxxxx
Thanks Ruth, Dawnie and Geeg, :D

I think I'll concerntrate on my manicures and pedicures (just brought some of the spa range and some Sentations - they smell fab!!!) and book up for some Fabric# tuition. If I don't see an improvement I think I'll go for some 1:1! Actually, I think I'll book some 1:1 anyway, coz I'm not happy with my acrylic over lays either!

I'm determined not to let this beat me! :?


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