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Sep 5, 2003
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Rushden, Northamptonshire, UK
I got back from Birmingham a little while ago. Well done to all of you who entered the competitions. Some of the nailart looked fab.

It was extremely busy, and some of the stands were very tight for space, making browsing a little difficult. But I enjoyed it and grabbed a few bargains - no VAT and no delivery charges etc.

My fav bit was watching a rather gorgeous bloke getting a spray tan in just his boxer shorts :lol: I nearly signed up for the system but apparently he doesn't come with it.

Thanks to everyone working on the stands, it looks like really hard work.
glynis said:
My fav bit was watching a rather gorgeous bloke getting a spray tan in just his boxer shorts :lol: I nearly signed up for the system but apparently he doesn't come with it.
What! .... I miss all the best bits.
Travel for me took over 2 hours ... and Im just up the road in Wolverhampton.Aarrrggghhh!!!!!
Today was a nightmare for a PMT-suffering 'bitch-from-hell' like me.
I nearly turned around and went home when I saw the stand for Millenium nails but, all the nails stands were over-packed and nails was very under-represented!
Still, roll on Olympia and I'll be doing it all over again :lol:
Yes, Roll on Olympia.

It would have been better if all the nail stands were in one place (mind you, I wouldn't have seen the highlight then). I agree that the Millenium Nails stand was a nightmare. I get my hubby to stand in the queue with a basket while I look around and chuck stuff in the basket every time I pass him. It was not a popular strategy with the other people in the queue :lol:

My hubby was extremely unhappy after about two hours of carrying bags - but hey, it the first use I found for him yet :lol: :lol:

I so know who you're talking about Glynis!!!!!!! He was FIIIIIINNNNE!

I also saw Ruth and a very tired looking Faye. (bless her!)
Sorry Glors

Did not realise you was going...........would have arranged to meet if I had known.....sorry babe.

Oh the fit bloke in the sun shower OMG I know I am getting on a bit lol but he made my tummy flip for the first time in years :rolleyes: I showed him to my 20 yr old daughter and she said oh hes ok not my cuppa tea lol (no taste the younger generation ) :lol:

Hi I know ive been a lurker but iv'e just got to have a moan about today at the NEC.
I went to have a look at the Hollywood Starr Nails stand and while I was there ,the nail tech started to work on a student. He drilled her cuticle and then placed a nail tip on the nail and then proceeded to drill the smile line smooth. You should have seen the rings of fire on her nails .He then said you buy the kit and ill train you now ,should cost £250.00 but free if you buy the kit you buy the kit then go home and make money doing nails.
This was a student who stayed for the training???and then thought that she was a quallified nail tech.The tecnition doing the girls nails couldnt tell me if the acrylic liquid was MMA he didnt seem to understand what I was going on about. :mad:
I hope this posing gets through as im not quite sure if im sending it correctly

I saw this too Ruby and was absolutely mortified, :mad: he was drilling the natural nails then put tips on then drilled around the edges onto the nail again, my colleague and I could not believe it :mad:
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