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Nov 5, 2007
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I've just recently qualified and thought I would have a go with the metalic powders. Did experiment on my own nails. I followed instructions, to put clear powder onto the nail before applying the metalics. after applying the metalic powder, I buffed and thats when it all went wrong:irked:. I was trying to do a metalic tip instead of the french white, as I fancied a change. If anyone can give any advice or tips it would be really appreciated. Cheers.
In what way did it all go wrong?
Did you buff off the glitter? If you are just using the glitter powder on zone 1 (on a tip) you don't really require a layer of clear first but if working in zones 2 &3 on the nail plate it is advisable.
When sculpting I always sculpt a layer of clear then the glitter powder. This way if the client changes her mind about the colour on her next appointment you can file back down to the clear layer and start again with a new colour without having to remove.

It is best to encapsulate the glitter powder with a layer of clear over the top....remember to work in thin layers. It is this last layer of clear that you build your shape/apex of the enhancement for strength. HTH

I use these all the time, they are the best.

I use them the ssame as i would white powder, put it straight on the nail or tip, (you can apply clear acrylic over the top) I just file and buff the gillter.
I'm guessing that you only did a thin coat and when it comes to file buff and polish you lost your colour...just apply a good old dollop of full colour and go for it

good luck
Use it dryer 1:1 and use it like you would your white, no need to cap with clear when using metros so you can make a full thickness colour tip (metro) you dont even have to pop down a base layer of clear if you dont want to (some do as it makes it easyer to buff off when colour change is needed)
Thanks very much for this advice. Gonna have another go.
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i aint read all the posts but when i use these powders i use the glitters first, then use clear on top of them, that way you dont ruin the glitter effect. xx
Use it dryer 1:1 and use it like you would your white,

Big negative to this - the ratio is and MUST always be 1.5 liquid to one 1 part powder, altering this is disasterous to the durability and chemistry!!!

With metros they are a very reactive powder so you will find the pick up very slowly, so to achieve the correct ratio your draw through your powder is slower, to pick up a smaller bead, use less liquid in your brush.

It should take 3 full seconds for all the powder to absorb, as per your foundation training this is your 'going, going, gone' time - you should watch every bead after you pick it up, saying this out loud - this is how long it should take the powder on the surface to absorb. Doing this gives you correct mix ratio

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