Need Advice on Toenail Injury


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Yes, I just returned from the doctor's.

She just said to apply polysporin cream a couple times a day, and leave the toe open so that it can heal. She said that most of what's left of the nail is still connected so there's no point in removing what's left. Hopefully within a week I'll be able to play!
I happen to be a guy. There are several who occasion the site.
But as a general rule... the guy to girl ratio in the nail business is in favor of the girl (then again...)

For the most part... your nail bed should be fine... The nail plate should grow out reattached and happily ever after. The bed shouldnt give you any woe and the plate should be fine in about 4-6 months.

Unless of course you really screwed it up. But I doubt that has happened.
Heh, well to answer your question, no, we lost. lol

It's only the school team. Other than school I play representative soccer for my city. I live in Ontario, Canada.

Another question for you, if the nail is to be removed. The tissue underneath will most likely be damaged. How long will you suspect will the skin on the nailbed take to heal, and how long do you think it will be before I can start playing soccer again. :)

P.S - Am I the only guy on this forum? lol


Apr 22, 2003
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I was at a soccer tournament a week ago, where I injured my toenail on my left foot as I went to kick for the ball. The defender stuck his cleat up and I clipped my toenail half off. It tore off from the nail bed, I would say more than half of it ripped off. Not knowing any better, I simply left the nail hoping it would heal. I decided to do some reasearch and heard on various sites that the part of the nail that was seperated should be clipped off. I did so, getting as much off as I could without weeping in pain. I noticed that underneath it seemed as if though the nail bed looks damaged (very red and looks like a 'gash' in the nail bed). I guess this occured as my nail was forcefully and quickly torn from the bed. I haven't gone to the doctor yet, what do you think is necessary? I still haven't clipped all of the nail as it hurts. Do you think the doctor will have to remove the whole nail? I want to know what is best for my toe. And I would also like to be able to play soccer soon hopefully. I have a few games and tournaments coming up.

Dear God, Get to a Doctor!!

It sounds really horrid, just go & I'll sure he or she will be able to help.

Good Luck with it
Thanks for the quick reply. I am calling to setup an appointment right now. I can post a picture, just for you, if you want. hehe :)
Should I have the toenail removed? I'm worried that more of the nailbed underneath the remainder of the nail maybe be damaged as it looks like the 'gash' goes under the nail.
Your nail will grow back perfectly fine as long as the Keanu I mean... the Matrix hasn’t been damaged.
More than likely... a Chiropodist (or Podiatrist depending on what part o the world you’re in) will simply remove the nail plate so it can't act as a lever and cause damage to the Keanu... go see one asap.

Many, many athletes loose their toenails on a regular basis due to the abuse they put them though (especially runners).

Did you win? :goal:
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