Need advise on skin care routine please!!


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Apr 27, 2006
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I'm 30 now and my skin care routine is pretty poor really, I literally just cleanse tone and moisturise I don't use anything fancy and I want to improve it. I don't mind paying for expensive products if you can recommend any.

I do have a lot of blackheads as I seem to have large pores on my chin and forehead. My skin isn't greasy (apart from around that time of the month), if anything it can be a little dry. I don't get a lot of spots, I just seem to get every now and then one massive one usually around where my blackheads live.

What sort of a routine should I have? I've never had a facial, is this something I should be doing, I don't exfoliate at all and I want to get some decent products so I don't look like a tortoise when I'm 50:lol:

Any suggestions gratefully received Skin Geeks:hug:

My opinon - which I am sure will be different to other geeks is as follows:

A basic routine should involve:
Cleanse, twice, twice a day.
Tone twice a day.
Moisturise twice a day
Exfoliate once to twice a week (depending on product)
Masque once to twice a week
Eye cream twice a day.

I am a Dermalogica skin therapist and I would advise you go and get face mapped - its free and will target all your concerns.

Your blackehads could be caused by your lack of exfoliation in your routine.

Many people feel there skin is dry when infact it is dehydrated.

If you go on you can locate your nearest skin centre.

Other geeks will be able to recommend what they know and love best


Becki xxx
i am a medical aesthatician doing peels paid for by medical insurance. what you have is a medical issue. find someone who has a visia, which measures the p.bacteria on your skin. my favorate perscription skin care is obaji clenzaderm. only avaliable threw a doctor. i've seen comlextion transform. not to mention getting your hormones checked( try the spit test), take vitamines nicomide is a perscription vitamine for acne. you may need oral meds and topical meds or steroid shots. a cosmetic sergeon, plastic or derm. do some homework.spend your money on effective skincare.:!:the good news is that you won't have wrinkles anytime soon.
MY personal opinion is, to go and see a qualified beauty therapist who can actually LOOK at your skin and recommend the best products for you. It's virtually impossible to know what to recommend without seeing your skin and doing a thorough consultation and skin analysis.
A good therapist should have no problems in pointing you in the right direction as regards a proper skincare routine and the best products to use.

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