Need Help! Don't know what i am doing wrong


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Nov 29, 2007
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Connecticut, USA
So i have don't a few full sets and few sculptured so far and an overlay on myself. It seems like whenever i do tips or sculptured nails they always break. All my clients break their nails. i don't know if its me or them. I can only assume its me. I try to pay extra attention to the apex so i build in the stress area but it doesn't seem to help. I don't know where i am going wrong. or if its even me. My nails have not broken once since i've done them. My sisters have actually grown out to a point where they are now overlays and she isn't having problems anymore either. What am i doing wrong? Please help me.
hiya x

apart from building the apex are you making them too long...? are these people coming from ex-nss and used to MMA nails...? clients can be to blame sometimes but if there are breaking more often than they are lasting i would think its something to do with application or length.
It could be that once you've sculpted your free edge when you go back to add your pink that there is a slight gap left between the free adge and pink, this could cause a weak point causing the tip to break clean off.
If this is the case with your first bead of pink try using your brush the other way round if that makes sence to sort of 'push' the pink up to the white / glitter and reduce the risk of a gap,

HTH's a bit xx

It might be that your product ratio isnt quite right?if its too dry then they will be brittle and snap, if its too wet they wont set properly, maybe worth trying to make your beads a bit dryer or wetter, depending on what you think your is!

Hope this helps! :)

Also, if its you and your sister you are both probably using your nail oil all the time?
your clients might not be, again making them prone to being brittle and snapping xx
are they long hun????????.....could be some of what everyone has put ..trial and error hun....but if you and your sis has lasted...then it could be your clients picking at them????xx
Well i know its not because they are too long because none of them wear them long. None of them are coming from an NSS they came straight to me. i know one of the clients cleans for work so it may be the chemicals and stuff she uses. i tell her to wear gloves ut who knows what she does. i was using tips but they kept popping off so i decided that instead of using tips i would sculpt them with just clear acrylic. my first bead went right on the free edge and the form to build the length. They looked awesome and had just the right thickness. But for some reason they keep breaking. i am at a loss and am starting to feel like i suck. What do i do.

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