need help regarding uv gloss


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Nov 7, 2005
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i have a client on the 22nd who wants a french manicure on natural nails for her holiday to barbados
i have given her a mani today and her nails are very nicotine stained so i will go with my 3 way buffer next time
now she wants the french to last all week and im not sure how to do this as i am pants at french but will use forms to help me as not done nails for months so really rusty with it
can i use a uv top coat over nail polish to make it stay put?
I would do the french mani and then retail her some clear top coat...if she applies a coat of this once a day it will protect them and they should last a week for sure. x
You can use some UV topcoats over polish as long as you make sure that the varnish, especially the white, is absolutely dry. Otherwise, you will get a creased look to the polish.

i have used the Quattro UV topcoat on top of polish and it is fine. You do need a lamp to cure this though.

Other than that, i would do what Bagpuss said and sell her a good topcoat for her to apply every other day.

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