Need inspiration for my January window


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May 13, 2004
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Montrose, Scotland
Just took christmas tree out off the window in Salon.

Gosh, it looks so bare!!

Whats in your window, is it too early for Valentines?

Need some inspiration guys!!
i have seen valentines cards out already and someone even said they saw easter eggs are in a supermarket....put valentines up ...a man will walk by and say "i shall get my girl a voucher for her nails!!" xx
I don't think it is too early to put your valentine's stuff up, after all it is only about 5/6 weeks away and how early did you put up your xmas stuff, I'll bet that was about 5/6 weeks?

I will be doing my valentine's stuff next week.
I agree with SJ, a Valentine window will look fab and get attention in plenty of time for the menfolk to buy vouchers and retail items etc.
Then, after Valentine's it'll be a Mother's Day window and/or Easter :D then you'll be sorted until April :wink2:
(where does the time go? lol)
Valentines all the way. It really isn't that far away and if you are prompt people will think to get thier gifts etc from you first!! lol
perhaps leave it bare for a week then launch your valentine theme.
I'm in the middle of designing my gift vouchers for valentines and mother day.
otherwise go for a fresh look, as people are wanting to detox. so fresh and natural.
Im with Hippychick on this one I think a detox/get fresh/look good for the new year theme is a good idea as everyone feels sluggish after xmas and feels like a boost in the beauty dept!
if your valentines stuff is ready then go for it
I'm with the "fresh start" too. It would attract me in now as a client for a treatment. A client would prob mention to her bf/hubby about the treatment and if there is a valentines display in a few weeks it would give him the hint whilst the treatment is still in his mind. If you changed to a valentine theme in a few weeks there would still be time for him to (try to!) get himself organised with a present that he doesn't have to do a lot of thinking over. This way you get double the money and maybe some new regular clients too.
Good luck with what you do,
Marion x

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