need some glue advice please.


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Hi everyone,

I wondered if anyone has any idea how to remove hairdressing glue? I have a few natural hair, hair extensions that have been glued in, and for the most part I love them. The only problem I have at the moment is one of my extensions is now just kinda 'hanging'. I don't have the time until Saturday to get to my regular hairdresser who put them in for me so need to know if there is an easy and safe way to remove it without A) cutting it out (quite drastic!) or B) ripping half of my hair out with it!?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I have a short bob type thing going on and it's really starting to stick out and be noticable. I hope I've given enough info.

Thanks a lot
Sarah. x


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No worries, pulled it out (very gently with my nails) and then put vegetable oil, shampoo and conditioner into it. Took about 15 minutes but worked a treat!


lotus blossom

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aww too late!, but i think acetone is sometimes used to gently remove the bonds,
but glad you managed it ok!!!

Kim Lawless

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How about doing all the things they tell you not to do, such as use conditioner? xxx