Need urgent help, Refectocil !


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Pmu Geek
Oct 30, 2006
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Dunfermline, Scotland, UK
Hi guys I am trying to get the light brown tint but unfortunatley my supplier cant get any in till atleast a week! :eek: I have cleints booked for next week and no light tint. I have been looking online but can't seem to find any without the delivery charge being the same or more than the tint lol
So If anyone knows where I can get some fast either online or near to me that would be great :Love: or if anyone in dunfermline area has a spare one I could buy :wink2:

Thanks Sarah xx
Sally's stock it..
Oops sent too soon, beauty express and salons direct should both get it to you Monday if you order before noon tomorrow x
I was told my sallys didn't have any will have to check 2mrw, both the others wanted a minimum delivery I only need the one tint got everything else I need xx
You can mix some grey with you regular brown tint.
Does that make it lighter? I thought it would make it darker for some reason lol Was a little worried about using the natural brown on anyone with blonde/really fair hair as I think its really dark :eek: I only just trained yesterday with Kim so I'm a newbie brow designer :biggrin: xx

You can mix some grey with you regular brown tint.

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