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Sarah Lou

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May 3, 2004
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Hi geeks,

I'm starting my nail enhancement course on Monday and I'm starting to get really nervous. Put it this way Im 25 a mum of 3 and I've never been on a course in my life. Nails is what I really really want to do, I'm just scared that Im gonna be on this course with a load of people younger than and that Im gonna make a total mess of it. Don't get me wrong (to confuse you all) I am excited aswell, Im finally on the road I've been waiting so long for and saved hard for. I've got the star nails kit already all bar the trainer which I cant afford, but I havn't had to courage to practice. I've read all the books, art and science of nail technology etc so I am prepared, just scared of walking through that door at 10am Monday morning.

Does this make sense to anyone, did any fellow geeks feel like this?

Sorry to ramble on but you are all so nice on here and I know I will get sound advice from the professionals....

Sarah xxxxxx
Hi Sarah Lou,

Firstly welcome to the family of nail geeks. I can relate to you totally. I only did my training 6 months ago, i am 32 with a 3 yr old daughter so i started later than you. I have to say i felt exactly the same about walking into the class not knowing if everyone was gonna be younger than me.

I admit i found it hard to study again after all this time, but once you get into it i can assure you that you are gonna be hooked! I thorughly enjoyed the whole 6 days that i did and found that everyone felt the same way. ( i also wasn't the oldest either.) I did my training with Star nails so if you ever need any other advice or help for instance feel free to PM me anytime, there are a few of us on here that trained with star nails so there is always someone who can help.
Oh babe, you are just a baby starting out lol...................
I started later then that lol.................I was 33/34 before I got into the nail Business, Fibreglass and Gels................and it was over my 46th birthday that I took the L&P route (ask Geeg)and only a little while ago did my Masters still 46 but chasing that 47 with speedy trainers................
So age is not important , it's the love for what you do that is ..........
So enjoy and have fun and learn xxxx
hey, i didnt do my training until i was 37. i was the oldest one on the course, but it didn't matter. we were all there because we wanted the same thing. i think if you have to wait for what you want, you put in more effort to succeed. as you get a little older you appreciate the need to make the best of your opportunities.good luck, and stick with it[ i could have cried when i did my first set]this really is a case of practice makes perfect!

all the best angel fingers. :)
Thankyou all for replying, my confidence has risen. I will probably be o.k once im there, and after about 10 cigareettes lol.

I'll keep you all informed on how I get on, thanks again for all your help, no doubt I will be bugging you with questions and why's and how's over the next few weeks

Sarah xxxxxxxxxx
Hey hunny, i went back to college last September having decided to take a deep breath and leave my career as a PA after 20 years! When i started in September i was 40 and yes life really did begin at 40 for me!!!

Dont be scared of being the oldest: i found that although there were young uns there, there were also people who'd done the same as me. Nobody will judge you on your age they will be just as excited and nervous about embarking on their career as you and will be happy to discuss nails with Anyone (the way we all do :biggrin: ) and we range from all ages. For example, as i said, i'm 41 now and one of my fellow geeks (who i wont name in case she's embarrassed!) that i've got together with and will continue to do so is only in her early 20s.

By the way, i also did the Star Nails course in L&P, fibreglass and nail art and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Best of luck.
I was 36 with 2 teenagers, and i hadn't worked for 14years when i walked back into the classroom, and boy did i have butterflies!!

But everyone was in the same boat, and there was only one girl younger than me, anyway,so at least i didn't feel that old!!

Once you get there, your nerves'll go and you can get on with enjoying it! My course seemed to go so fast, i didn't want it to finish, i enjoyed it that much!

So relax and have loadsa fun on Monday,
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