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Jan 17, 2016
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Hi all!! Unsure where to post best here but here goes...
For as long as I can remember I've always had interest in beauty!
Went to college, qualified nursery nurse, 2 kids later,lost job due to ill health, so decided to follow my heart and try my hand at something that interests me, I've recently done semi permanent eyelash training it went well on the day, but holy shite I'm nervous? My friend wanted natural looking lashes similar length and size to hers, I'll add a pic, advice would be appreciated xx
Don't be nervous, it's fantastic you took the plunge to try something new! Were you trained to use tape under the eye? It might be better to use pads Hun. They are pretty good for a newbie! Just try and use less glue. And hold the lash in place while it dries so they are all nice and even and going in the direction that you want :) can I ask which lashes and glue you are using? X
Hi Miranda thank you for replying!!!
Ah right, I'll definitely hold in place next time, as for the pads they would have been my preference as I've had extensions for years and my salon I use regularly use the pads but on my training she used the tape, but in my kit that I bought from the same place I did training there were a few sets of pads but when I went to prepare my case for the extensions I couldn't find them :( but I've ordered some now so before next time I'll have the pads!
The kit I bought is 'ilash' brand (from abx beauty I think the online shop is called) I've since bought extra lashes from wonderlash and also marvelash .
The glue was sensitive so the model in training was able to open her eye during treatment (which was odd for me as I've never been able to open my eyes) xx
Ok great, i like to try out different lashes to see what I like too. As for opening eyes, I never allow that lol! Tweezers are so sharp not to mention glue fumes! Xxx
[well I was shocked to be honest but as the glue was sensitive there was no fumes!!! And it was every now and then open eyes to check how they looked but I suppose you do get your own way of doing things??? Xxx

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